::Rant Engaged::

deep-breathI want everyone to take a big deep breath and realize that everyone around you is human like you are so cut ’em some slack huh?

I’m tired. I worked late last night and made a big boo boo after work. It all worked out but it meant that I got to sleep that much later than normal. I mean 3 am bedtime when you’re day starts at 7:25 am kinda sucks.

I am working as hard as I can with my 2 jobs and all the duties I’ve taken on with the Rogue. I’m moving as fast as I can and it’s frustrating when your best is made to feel like it’s not good enough. No, there is not a resounding cry out admonishing my work production, but the few that are allowing fears to go to the extreme really frustrate me.

I appreciate everyone that volunteers for the Rogue Festival. I love everyone involved and I know it’s hard to remember that everyone that works for the Festival VOLUNTEERS their time and usually have other jobs/lives/families to attend to on top of the time they volunteer. I understand that the performers are worried about their press and making sure they sell tickets thus getting their art out to a mass population. I understand these things… I think we forget these things often and allow our voice/behavior/words reflect frustrations with playing the hurry up and wait game.

Trust me. Everyone I am working with is HIGHLY aware that the Festival starts in 17 days. Everyone I am working with is HIGHLY aware of what still needs to get done, sooner rather than later. We know. We love the Rogue. We are working ourselves as hard and as fast as we can. Please remember we are humans too and we have limits.

::sigh:: ::Rant complete::