2104655_e6aa383ed6If you know me you know that I like going 110% at all times. I’ll see a project and dive in head first often times stretching myself as thin as possible and sometimes ending up in a precarious position of illness. I’ve been talked to, asked, lectured, threatened to slow down and not over do it… but it seems I don’t know how to. Well, I used to not know how to. After the last project had me with no voice and a cold from hell, I realized that my body cannot keep up with me. So… for the Rogue Festival I’m established a few safety nets for myself and I think they will do the job.

(1) I am not performing in the Rogue Festival 2009. This is a hard one for me to handle, but as soon as I was given the title of heir-apparent Producer I knew that I had to focus on the task at hand and not stretch myself to being on stage 4 times throughout the 9 days. It would have been too much and the job I have been graced with would not be done to the best of my ability.

This is a good start, no?

(2) I have asked Halo to NOT participate in the Rogue festival. Now, I know this seems odd. We are sometimes hurting for volunteers with knowledge on technical aspects in theater and I would dissuade somebody volunteering? Yes. For selfish reasons. I need a sanctuary from the stresses of the Rogue. I need somewhere I can go and not have to worry about schedule, venues, billeting, shows, etc. Halo is my balancer, he’s my calm so he’s the perfect choice to act as my sanctuary… and I don’t think he minds it either.


So this might be enough for this year, this might now be. There’s a lot to do still and we’re 20 days away from the start. At the end of the day, if I can still laugh at the quirks and stresses then I think I’m doing alright.

dacount So my Da Count is having perspective on my over-working bad habits of old and trying something new to help keep me calm and healthy.