Tonight’s the Night! Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

20092From 5-8 there will be performer teaser performances going on at Ashtree Studios and Veni Vidi Vici’s. Then, at 8:30 pm until closing we’ll be kicking off the Rogue 2009 at Full Circle Brewery.

Tons of fun and it’s going to be really good to see some of the out of town performers again! Yay!

See you out and about tonight!!!


Zapp’s Was a Blast! Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 

Last night we let our hair down, danced and laughed while at Zapp’s Park! It was a great de-stressor for myself and those that came out to hang. It was fun and we had a good time! We celebrated Kick Ass Kate’s birthday, drank the Tattooed Lady martinis and danced to music from the 70’s to the present! Hahahaha!!

Last year was the first time we had a pre-Rogue gathering and the effects of it were so potent it become obvious to me that we needed to have another one this year. It was such a nice breath of non-Rogue and really boosted the spirits of those who let the party have such effect.

I stayed for about 3 hours and it really was a boost to my energy reserves. I was able to come in this morning and look at what I needed to accomplish clearly and get to work. I’m almost done and fully prepared for this thang to go off!

Woot! 😀

Here’s the up coming activities:

Thursday 2/26: RogueHop 5-8 at Ashtree Studios & Veni Vidi Vici’s, 8:30 – close Kick Off Party at Full Circle Brewery.

Friday 2/27: Rogue, 11:30 pm The Overdubs @ the Starline for LATE NIGHT ROGUE

Saturday 2/28: Rogue, 11:30 pm Justine Stie & The Trees for LATE NIGHT ROGUE

Sunday 3/1: Rogue

Wednesday 3/4: Rogue

Thursday 3/5: Rogue

Friday 3/6: Rogue, 11:30 pm ROGUE LATE NIGHT CLUB with Jaguar Bennett, Lynn Ruth Miller, Black Light Poetry and Illegitimus.

Saturday 3/7: Rogue, 10 pm ONE BIG ROGUE PARTY with Trey Tosh

Sunday 3/8: Hang-over Brunch, Strike, Circa!

So as you can see… my next two weeks are jammed packed! ::stay upright, stay upright, stay upright:: It’s the mantra!

Pre-Rogue Party, RogueHop & THE ROGUE Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 

Yup, that’s right… life has become all Rogue all the time. We’re all scrambling to make sure everything goes off without a hitch (if it can be helped) and support those artists that are participating this year. Taking on the Asst. Co-Producer job has really upped my learning curve and I think I’m running smoothly, I couldn’t be as calm as I am right now if it weren’t for Halo and his amazing ability to know what I need.

Parties!!!!! Woot!

Pre-Rogue Party TONIGHT at Zapp’s Park starting at 7 pm. We are letting our hair down and really taking a night off from the Rogue so we can refocus on what our “To Do” Lists look like. Kevin and Pete are creating a brand new cocktail for the occation, the “Tattooed Lady” and there will be drink specials on well drinks and draft beer!

RogueHop!!! This Thursday we are having RogueHop. From 5-8 there will be teaser performances at Ashtree Studios and Veni Vidi Vici’s, you can also grab a look see at the amazing art that is hung this year! From 8:30 – whenever they kick us out, we’ll be at Full Circle Brewery for the BIG ROGUE KICK OFF PARTY!

(are you sensing the theme of the Rogue, yeah we like to throw parties!)

And then it’s ROGUE time! 😀

Check out the website for information and also, one of our major media sponsors, the BeeHive for reviews!

There are parties being thrown Feb 27th and Feb 28th and March 6th and March 7th… check back here for more info on our LATE NIGHT ROGUE parties!


Da Count: Da Opportunities Friday, Feb 20 2009 

dacount2Again I was thinking this morning while driving to work about what I was counting this week… needless to say it’s been a hellish week. But then my thoughts moved to this weekend and the happenings going on and I realized, there are a ton of opportunities happening this weekend and next week that are hecka cool!

To explain, The Rogue performers get a boost from the Festival in that we take care of all the press information, we handle the scheduling of tv/radio promotions and such but there’s a lot that the individual performer can still do.

This weekend there are a lot of opportunities for those performers and I think it’s awesome and definitely count worthy. The Mardi Gras parade is happening Sunday and it’s always a good time. Tuesday we’re throwing a party at Zapp’s Park fora pre-Rogue breather and it’s going to be a blast. Thursday is our one big Kick Off party. There’s tv promotions going on and all sorts of goodies happening!

It’s all coming to a head and my life just got a little crazier, but there’s nothing but love.

Sometimes… Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

…when I get asked to cover a bar-tending shift at the Starline for a show, it’s a really really good show. It’s awesome when it’s a good show because it makes the early am clock out time and early am alarm clock buzz not so horrid. Such was the case last night. The show was one of a kind in Fresno, a Producer’s Battle. I’ve never heard of this kind of show, but the premise is pretty eff-ing cool.

FaShawn, local rapper gone big, was the host and about 15 producers got up and battled with beats they have put together. There were 5 rounds and the 3 judges decided who won the battle and went to the next round. I ran into an old friend from high school and it was cool to hear his beats. They killed! The crowd was unusual for the normal run of the mill at Starline, it’s rare to have a hip hop show in Tower. But this crowd was awesome. In fact the fights that broke out last night ended up being at another venue. We had no problems with the crowd enticed by the Producer’s Battle. And this is not unusual for this producer (I foret his name) but he brought in Planet Asia and DJ Muggs and the crowd was similar. Hip hop crowds I’ve encountered are there to listen to the music and support their boyz… not cause ruckus. I’ve got nothing but respect for that.

The bar did well, there was a lot of free-styling going on, FaShawn performed some, Chuck Dimes performed, 2 guys got up and totally killed it spinnin… I don’t know their names but Fan-Eff-Ing-Tastic! I finally got to meet Roque in person, a local blogger and fellow BeeHive commenter.

All in all it was a fantastic evening!

Oh, word to the wise, be careful opening a bottle of Hennessy VSOP, the foil is sharp and it SUCKS having a paper cut sized cut on your fingertip while dealing with alcohol and limes/lemons all night. Ouch!

I’ve been a bad blogger Wednesday, Feb 18 2009 

I’ve been too busy to submit anything thoughtful to my wordpress, so I’ve refrained. It’s not that I’m not working, I’m busy bee at the Rogue (which opens in 8 days), and it seems that’s all I can talk about.

Life is good otherwise. Life? What life do I have outside the Rogue?? LOL… Halo is good, I’m truckin along, Dr. Dave is as energetic as ever… all is well.

Now if only I can stay upright through March 8th I’ll be a happy camper!

Da Count – Cheez-It Friday, Feb 13 2009 

cheezitsYes… This is my Da Count today because over the past week I’ve been stressin out and freakin out and having to wait a length of time before I respond to anyone to make sure I don’t respond inappropriately and that time has been made good by these Cheez-Its.

Comfort food to the core. I’m very thankful to have found such a delicious healthy snack for my consuming pleasure.

So that’s my Da Count. dacount1


EDIT: A Note about Valentine’s Day. I am still Anti-Valentine’s Day. Sure I appreciate a day to celebrate love and affection with family, friends and significant others… but Halo and I will not be celebrating the day with anything other than what we do everyday. I am working at the Grill, where Halo and I met… actually that’s kinda romantic if you think about it… but that’s a normal occurance. No flowers, no candies, no stuffed animals with hearts all over them… I just want to have a normal day with my man and that’s it. So Happy Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate it and if not… I’m right there with ya!

Busy Bee!!! Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

The Rogue Festival is all consuming right now.

Here’s the Banner page, steal on and post it EVERYWHERE!!!

I’ll be in and out but stop by, say hi and please check to see if I’m still sane… I might be in c corner curled up in a ball soon. 😛

Everyone, just Chill the Eff Out! Monday, Feb 9 2009 

::Rant Engaged::

deep-breathI want everyone to take a big deep breath and realize that everyone around you is human like you are so cut ’em some slack huh?

I’m tired. I worked late last night and made a big boo boo after work. It all worked out but it meant that I got to sleep that much later than normal. I mean 3 am bedtime when you’re day starts at 7:25 am kinda sucks.

I am working as hard as I can with my 2 jobs and all the duties I’ve taken on with the Rogue. I’m moving as fast as I can and it’s frustrating when your best is made to feel like it’s not good enough. No, there is not a resounding cry out admonishing my work production, but the few that are allowing fears to go to the extreme really frustrate me.

I appreciate everyone that volunteers for the Rogue Festival. I love everyone involved and I know it’s hard to remember that everyone that works for the Festival VOLUNTEERS their time and usually have other jobs/lives/families to attend to on top of the time they volunteer. I understand that the performers are worried about their press and making sure they sell tickets thus getting their art out to a mass population. I understand these things… I think we forget these things often and allow our voice/behavior/words reflect frustrations with playing the hurry up and wait game.

Trust me. Everyone I am working with is HIGHLY aware that the Festival starts in 17 days. Everyone I am working with is HIGHLY aware of what still needs to get done, sooner rather than later. We know. We love the Rogue. We are working ourselves as hard and as fast as we can. Please remember we are humans too and we have limits.

::sigh:: ::Rant complete::

Da Count: Perspective Friday, Feb 6 2009 

2104655_e6aa383ed6If you know me you know that I like going 110% at all times. I’ll see a project and dive in head first often times stretching myself as thin as possible and sometimes ending up in a precarious position of illness. I’ve been talked to, asked, lectured, threatened to slow down and not over do it… but it seems I don’t know how to. Well, I used to not know how to. After the last project had me with no voice and a cold from hell, I realized that my body cannot keep up with me. So… for the Rogue Festival I’m established a few safety nets for myself and I think they will do the job.

(1) I am not performing in the Rogue Festival 2009. This is a hard one for me to handle, but as soon as I was given the title of heir-apparent Producer I knew that I had to focus on the task at hand and not stretch myself to being on stage 4 times throughout the 9 days. It would have been too much and the job I have been graced with would not be done to the best of my ability.

This is a good start, no?

(2) I have asked Halo to NOT participate in the Rogue festival. Now, I know this seems odd. We are sometimes hurting for volunteers with knowledge on technical aspects in theater and I would dissuade somebody volunteering? Yes. For selfish reasons. I need a sanctuary from the stresses of the Rogue. I need somewhere I can go and not have to worry about schedule, venues, billeting, shows, etc. Halo is my balancer, he’s my calm so he’s the perfect choice to act as my sanctuary… and I don’t think he minds it either.


So this might be enough for this year, this might now be. There’s a lot to do still and we’re 20 days away from the start. At the end of the day, if I can still laugh at the quirks and stresses then I think I’m doing alright.

dacount So my Da Count is having perspective on my over-working bad habits of old and trying something new to help keep me calm and healthy.

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