… I have one, I know I do. I’m irritable all the time and I think it’s because I just can’t let go of the little things. I’m working on it. Taking deep breaths and counting to ten and such. I think being aware of it is the best. But there are times where the rage builds up so bad inside that I just want to scream and thrash about and break everything within arms reach.

Hmmm… not healthy.

So the solution to this is to not let the rage build up that far. Ok. How do you do that?

Step One:

Put down the Blackberry. I know it’s convient and all, but you do not have to answer every question as soon as it comes across your Blackberry. Put it down and only answer emails once or twice a day. Do the same with Facebook and MySpace… only check it once or twice a day… not all the time. Your work production levels will increase and you irritability to a question you think someone should already know the answer to will dissapate…. hopefully.

Step Two:

Do not spread yourself too thin. I actually think I’m getting better at this. Sure, I’m taking on a lot right now woth the 2 jobs (I just had a shift added, yay for making more money and paying off bills!!) and the Rogue… but that’s all I’m doing. I’m used to taking on a lot more… but with the addition of Halo and Halo’s move to Dr. Dave’s I think it’s been a stressful time. I should become more homebody-ish and not feel like I have to do something constantly. If I’m at home and I feel like I need to do something… I’ll do laundry or clean something. That should help, right?

Step Three:

I don’t know… but I’m willing to take these two big steps first and try to off set my rage and irritability.


Wish me luck??