Lime  sent me some interview questions 🙂

1. We are shooting the story of your life. Who produces, who directs, and who portrays you? Wow… actually I was thinking about things like this a while back and I think I have a clue. Baz Lurman would direct because I love the wacky crazy (other than Australia) films he does… it’s kind of similar to my life, really! Haha! The Producer would be Jerry Bruckheimer which would guarantee something exploding, which kicks ass! Amd the actress who would play me… hmm… I’d probably have to say Kiera Knightly… just because I love her and I think she’s very talented… if I were a twidge older I’d say Kate Winslet.   

2. You are being exiled to the moon but get to choose 4 other companions. Who are you taking?  Halo, definitely. Michelle the Jelly Bear. Mom. Cadie.  

3. What is your quest? To learn something new everyday and do what I can to not only enrich my life but to encourage and enrich other peoples’ lives as well. 🙂

4. What is your earliest memory? Hmmm… I’d probably have to say 2.5 years old when I got my ears pierced. I was a stubborn who me??? NO WAY!!! child and refused to potty train… then my older bro went to school and I wanted to go. Mom & dad said, “well little girls cannot wear diapers at school.” I was trained the next day and subsequentially talked my mother into letting me get my ears pierced which wasn’t supposed to happen until I was 13. Hahahahaha… precocious!

5. An evil mastermind is going to destroy the world unless you can stop him. You are armed with a spoon, a rubber chicken, a can of aquanet, and a bucket of peanuts. What is your plan? first, I’ll start by training a herd of Elephants with the peanuts, they will be trained to trample what ever I designate. Designation of the stampede is by using the spoon to slingshot the rubber chicken at the evil mastermind. I’ll use the aquanet to make sure my hair looks perfect after the elephants and the slingshotting for the press and photo ops!


Hahahahahaha!!!! Ok so if Lime can interview me, I’ll interview anyone that comments requesting 5 questions so you can post to your blog. 🙂