slugcartoonOk, I love Fresno, I love what Fresno provides as far as opportunity, but there’s one thing that’s just driving me up the wall! Argh! Fresno is SO apathetic! Sure, we can brag about our college team winning the NCAA world series, and we have one of the top 25 performance venues in the world… but do you think Fresnans actually go out to support that team or that venue??? Ha!

It is my wish to see Fresnans get up off the couch, not be so sluggish, and acutally go out and get involved with something to better our community! Don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do the leg work for you, go out there, be aggressive, make something happen! Ack! For god’s sake! If you want a job done right, DO IT YOURSELF!


I’d hate to see Fresno lose another sports team, or lose another theater company. I’d hate to see Fresno slack off on the amazing performance/film/arts events that go on on a monthly basis! There is ALWAYS something to do in Fresno…. it’s up to us to go out and do them!  

Ok… I’m getting off the soapbox… I just had to rant.