Yeah you see they are all celebrating my birthday, right??? Who? Who are you celebrating??? Obama? Who’s that? Ooooh… the new President of the United States… oh yeah that guy…


I was born the day Regan was inaugurated and celebrated my birthday with a new or reelected President every 4 years. It’s only this year that I feel a bit swept under the rug. Well, I didn’t start feeling that way until everyone started asking me how I felt about having to share my birthday with a major historical event. And yes, I feel like a petulant child talking about this. The wonderful thing is that this is a day in history. There is a major change occurring in our nation and it’s COOL I’m sharing that day! But I do feel lost in the mix.

I appreciate everyone that has sent their wishes… it really means more to me this year than ever.

So, the big 2-8 Here I come!!!