dacount1That’s right! I got the results back from my doctor and I’m ok. The test result came back normal, although they want me to come in and retest in 6 months, but that’s standard. The only bump or scratch I’m getting out of it is a bacterial infection (completely unrelated to my health problems) that will get knocked out with a week of antibiotics.

Hurrah! 😀

It’s a relief to know that I’m healthy. I’ve had multiple family members died of cancer and it’s in the family genes… so when I’m testing pre-cancerous, it’s something to act on. I hate doctors, I hate going to the doctors, I hate having to wait and deal with all the same questions and the way they dumb down their speech even after I’ve just told them my diagnosis in their terms. Yeah… I’m not a fan. But I was proactive about this because it could have meant my life, and frankly I have a lot more living to do!

So, a big sigh of relief. Now if only they made a pill for bitchiness, Halo would be much relieved!


Another Da Count:

martin_luther_king_jr1On Monday we celebrate this man.

A revolutionary, a man of peace, a man who knew how to use his words to inspire millions, a hero.

I hope on Monday you all stop and remember this man and what he did for humanity. I wasn’t alive when he impacted our society, but the resonance still lingers even today. I cannot hear “I have a dream…” without getting chills. In Junior High School I did a history project on him and actually got to meet with the local NAACP leader who marched with Dr. King. The interview impacted me then, although I didn’t know how much so at the time.

So when some of you get to sleep in on Monday due to the holiday, remember who we are remembering.