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Ok… now back to our regularly scheduled blog:

…Friday night started kinda early, around 8:30 pm when I went to the Starline to make sure everything was going to get set up and taken care of. To my blessed surprise there were guys from the band already there and sound checking, the tables and chairs were in place and all was in prep mode. I really didn’t have to do anything!

Dennis, our head bouncer and door guy, gave me the first shot of the night. Crown was my shot of choice. I knew I needed to eat something but one shot wasn’t going to do anything right? LOL… I hit up Starline Grill, ordered a cheese quesidilla, and ran into people beginning to gather for the party. Another shot and a drink later I found my food. Ha! I ate a few pieces and continued to socialize. 🙂

DJ Ghost warmed up the crowd and around 11pm we jumped into it. With Catch (the Stumies) and then Midi Mob and then New Future played! We sang Happy Birthday to Primary. We danced. I saw the bottom of a shot glass a few more times. And then it was time to head to the after party.

Well, there was no set after party planned. We didn’t go buy drunk munchies and extra booze. And we didn’t tell anyone there was an after party. One kinda just happened. We (Halo, Snoop, Ghost and myself) rolled to the doctor’s house and C and Rob came by and then Lush and some lovely ladies rolled out too. We held an impromptu dance party listening to some E-40. Ghost got me a Mickey’s 40 for my birthday and we passed that around while dancing. At some point in time during this point I realized I was going to be hurting Saturday… but that didn’t stop the dance party!

Around 5am I saw the bed appear and it was like a light bulb above my head. “Oh, it’s bedtime!” was the last thought I remember. Halo and Snoop stayed up shootin the shit a while longer. We went to breakfast around noon and then it was time for work.

Yeah. All in all a fabulous evening with lots of friends. I think a lot of people came out just because it was my party and ended up enjoying the music. 


It was pretty awesome and definitely a 28th Birthday party to remember. Now all I have to do is wait for my actual birthday which is the 20th.

Here’s the flier that Stanley V. made for the party: