dacountI”m going to call it early and Count tonight’s party I’m throwing in honor of my friend Primary and my birthdays! It’s going to be quite the event. Primary is a Santa Cruz cat who listens to underground hip hop and paints houses. I’m an actress that barely has time to listen to music at all and I’m a workaholic. SHould be quite an interesting mix of groups.

Well it’s not that weird. Halo’s boys from the 2nd Rate are going to be performing and it’ll be a bunch of people that hang out in Tower that Primary and I know. Plus some of my actor friends.

This weekend is a work weekend for me so tonight will be my let-your-hair-down-and-party night.

I should have pics later. If you’re in the 559 hit me up for details and we’ll have a grand ole time!!!

Cheers and Happy Friday!