running-emptyDon’t you just love unexpected bills?? especially when you’re already feeling the pinch? Ugh!

I swear if I could fit in a third job I would… but with the economy as it is and with my hellish schedule I’d not only have NO life, I’d get NO sleep in the mean time! ::sigh::

You can only pay off those bills you have money for and with this latest surprise all my extra expenses will be going to this important one. It sucks and I should have known about it and taken care of it a long time ago but it became an out of sight out of mind thing.

So… no more eating out or book/clothes/Target splurges. I have to be good and take care of this and get myself out of debt so I can go back to school and get into debt again. Yay!



Such is life and the fun trials of adulthood. Responsibility is necessary and when I grow up I’m going to learn how to budget myself and actually save something.