Extreme Home Makeover is coming to Fresno/Clovis and the company I work for will be donating our services to help the demolition process! I just think that is SO cool! The company I work for often donates but this is a very specific donation as it specifically deals with the line of work we are in. The secret location has yet to be revealed and I doubt I’ll even know it until after the show has aired… but STILL way Cool!!!!

So I’m in the same spot again, waiting to see if I’ll actually get into see the doctor tomorrow. I’m waiting to get a confirmation call and I’ll actually ask if the doctor has been in the last few days. It’s aggrivating to mentally prep for a possibly hurt filled procedure only to have it delayed. I’m mentally stretched thin and it’s really beginning to get to me.

So yeah… that’s all for today I think. Now I’m looking forward to the Birthday Party on Friday!