…and maybe things are finally looking up. walden 

Our New Year’s celebrations were a lot of fun! Halo and I had a wonderful time with friends and really were able to ring in the new year with some new hope.

I think I’ll actually be able to get into the doctor’s this week! Although the big scare for me was that my job just changed medical insurance carriers and I made a mad scramble to make sure my doctor accepted the new insurance. And ::phew!:: they do! So hopefully it’ll be a smooth transitionand all will be moving forward.

Yesterday Halo and I went up to Millerton Lake where I participated in my first rock hunt. It was a lot of fun climbing around on the lake’s shore looking for minerals that are normally covered by the lake. We were looking for garnets! It was really cool to find little stones embedded in other rocks… of course I called the rocks sandwiches and cake layers because that’s what it looked like and Halo just laughed and gave me the scientific terms. It was peaceful and calm, not too cold and a really relaxing day. I managed to keep myself upright and out of the freezing cold water! I think if I do this more often I can actually keep up with Halo if he goes to crazy extreme places.

This week will  hopefully bring a close to the medical fiasco, add more to the “To Do List” for the Rogue and preparing for my Hip Hop Birthday Party to be held at Starline!

Have a good day!