Halo spoiled me… I burst into tears as I opened the box with the garnet necklace and matching earrings… he got me rocks for Christmas! He got me my birth stone! He did REALLY good! ::sigh:: He’s wonderful!

Spending time with Grandma was icing to the Fruitcake this Christmas. She came down on the train and Friday when I wasn’t working I took her out for a Manhattan at the bar I work at. She and I had some really nice conversation and it was really good to get some one on one time with her. She’ll be 83 in a few days and her vitality for life is awe-inspiring. I love my Grandma dearly and I will forever cherish the time we spend together now.

Last night Halo and I had a near mishap in the kitchen. Making my family’s recipe of Honey Mustard Chicken… we somehow carmelized the chicken. LOL… I have no idea how/why it happened and neither does my mom but it was still edible after it was all said and done. Haha! Halo and I also learned that it’s very important not to drop potatoes into boiling water… blacksplash is HOT! hahahaha!

snowIf you’re wondering how on earth there could be snow in Fresno…. you’re right… it didn’t snow. It froze last night but that’s not what this is from… I’m defrosting the mini fridge at work today and this is the ice from it so far… insta-snow, pretty cold huh??

My doctor’s appointment is tomorrow… guh… if it doesn’t get rescheduled AGAIN. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll post again before I hermit for the New Year!