and the day before an important doctors appointment. Ugh. Little C, the bartending goddess, has offered to be there for me and wait with me at the doctor’s office… a tedious task at best but I love her for it! And Halo is eagerly anticipating the news and to see how I’m doing afterwards. All will be well… it’s just getting through it that’s the bear.

APJ and I talked to the tattoo artist that will be submitting his artwork for the muse for the Rogue Festival 2009. I can’t say enough how excited I am to have this particular piece of work for the muse. It’s really beautiful and completely embodies the Rogue (well in my mind at least). We will be unveiling it as soon as possible. Mike Oz from the Fresno BeeHive will have the exclusive, so look here for the annoucement and link!

Time chose the Person of the Year… are you surprised?? I’m not.


Change is good.

I’m trying to get back to blogging once a day. It’s a good habit to get back into, gets the creative juices flowing and I think it’s going to serve as a good “how to” with my transition in the Rogue. You kinda get an insiders perspective to the Festival. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking about.

Happy Birfday to my Jelly Bear!!! I’ll see you on the 23rd! Yipee!!!

Thank you’s: to my friends on Facebook that provided some much needed light hearted, humorous jabbing yesterday afternoon… I really needed the laugh and the break from stress. To APJ for driving last night to Parlier to meet the Muse artist… you are a wonderful partner in crime! To Halo for being the wonderful man that I love! ❤