…of Communication. I find that when people can effectively communicate their needs, feelings, wants, etc., then life goes a lot smoother. Even the little forms of communication, a note saying hi, a text message/phone message (people still use answering machines??) giving updates or a “I’m thinking about you” note… it goes a long way. When communication is bad assumptions get made, realities get blown out of porportion, feelings get hurt… take a deep breath and communicate effectively. 

…of self awareness. You have to understand yourself enough to know and understand where and why there’s turmoil. If you attempt a conversation when you’re angry and unable to keep an open mind and calm demeanor, maybe it isn’t the best time to have a conversation. Timing is key and knowing yourself and knowing you are ready for a conversation that might be upsetting will allow for more effective communication.

…of patience. Just because you want something done right now doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Sometimes the problem between two people is there is an unknown element in the equation in your mind. Sometimes you have something all planned out and the other will throw a wrench in those plans. It’s up to the individual to be flexible or explain the importance of the plans. Patience is also important because there is a right time for everything and when we force it, have our own time table, neglect and a lackluster job will be performed.

I think Peace is important because without it we’d all be crazy and/or dead. There’s so much that can be solved if people would only stop, take a deep breath and refocus on the big picture. What is important? What is at stake? what are you willing to sacrifice?

Just food for thought.