…to stress about bills and presents and all those fun little quirky things. I love this time of year, but it’s also a time of stress and complete discipline of budgets. I openly admit I am horrible when it comes to budgeting and I’m not too sure how everything will work out financially… but I’ll make something happen. It’s the thought that counts, right?? Hahaha…

The office is even getting into the spirit as it became one of my job duties yesterday to set up and decorate the office Christmas Tree.



And yes, I say CHRISTMAS!

I am a little distracted right now due to an upcoming doctor’s appointment that hopefully will be filled with answers or at least the right step into getting answers. I’m tired of feeling the pain. I’m tired of being scared of that horrid little “C” word. I swear doctors just throw that word around to suck all the air out of the world. The 18th is the fateful day… wish me luck.

Last night I hung out with a good friend and went the the Fresno State Women’s basketball game… it wasn’t a game. We won 69-27 or something like that. The time spent with my friend was great though! I really enjoyed hanging out somewhere I haven’t in a long time and being around good people I haven’t been in a while.

Tonight it’s a date with Halo to watch Hellboy II and stay warm as California finally realized it’s winter. Yes, I know you in the east have been frigid for a while now… but come on! It’s Cali!  So there!  The Scream Team will be walking down Christmas Tree Lane along with Creative Fresno… have fun, stay warm, you’re a much more adventurous group than I.

The Rogue is in full swing. I am learning a new role. Yes, I did that last year, but that was in prep for this new role. Learning the Producer’s job is not an easy one, I will make mistakes but I’m excited to learn the ropes and play. When it stops being fun then I know it’s my exit cue… but that’s not now. So, I’m going to take on this new role head on. Dr. O will be a great teacher! APJ will be a great partner in crime. And life as I know it will be all Rogue all the time. Well, not all the time…but you know what I mean. Oh, my reason for talking about this is, this is the reason I am not acting. I love acting. I love being on stage. But I cannot burn the candle at both ends and expect to do a good job. It is more important to serve the Rogue to my best ability than to spread myself even thinner than I already have! So… there. There it is. That’s my reasoning. LOL… do I sound like a petulant child to you?

Ok… that’s the update. what’s on my mind. What’s in my heart. And stuff…

Happy Hump day!