I’m back from Washington and I’ve been playing catch up since! Work was a little crazy when I got back but it’s all good now. Halo is wonderful, I didn’t realize I could get so boyfriend-sick in all my life! I was SO ready to be back home 3 days before I was due to fly out! The trip was wonderful! Flying went well, Mom is great, Thanksgiving was delicious, too much shopping, eating and general merriment. All in all a damn fine vacation. I really couldn’t ask for more.

Now it’s Rogue Rogue Rogue all the time. Working on learning the ropes to the Festival and still doing the same job that I did last year. It’s a good thing. Thinking about summer plans… to act or not to act. To go to Montana or not to go to Montana. ::sigh:: It’s a quandry that I don’t have to figure out right now, but at least the thought process is still rolling.

I am fighting my mind right now. Trying to stay balanced when all I want to do is rant and rave. I don’t understand where the pent up anger is coming from but I see myself over-reacting and I don’t get it. Hmmm… maybe the intrapersonal unrest is the cause. I need to get out of my current situation and get back to school and move on to the next step… this is crap.

And yeah…. so I hope you all are well and I’ll see ya around!

Oh and I just discovered that this is Blog #100!!! Woot!