RESCHEDULED AGAIN!!!!! Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

This time I was actually AT my doctor’s office…


that is all.


And a Merry Christmas is was indeed! Monday, Dec 29 2008 

Halo spoiled me… I burst into tears as I opened the box with the garnet necklace and matching earrings… he got me rocks for Christmas! He got me my birth stone! He did REALLY good! ::sigh:: He’s wonderful!

Spending time with Grandma was icing to the Fruitcake this Christmas. She came down on the train and Friday when I wasn’t working I took her out for a Manhattan at the bar I work at. She and I had some really nice conversation and it was really good to get some one on one time with her. She’ll be 83 in a few days and her vitality for life is awe-inspiring. I love my Grandma dearly and I will forever cherish the time we spend together now.

Last night Halo and I had a near mishap in the kitchen. Making my family’s recipe of Honey Mustard Chicken… we somehow carmelized the chicken. LOL… I have no idea how/why it happened and neither does my mom but it was still edible after it was all said and done. Haha! Halo and I also learned that it’s very important not to drop potatoes into boiling water… blacksplash is HOT! hahahaha!

snowIf you’re wondering how on earth there could be snow in Fresno…. you’re right… it didn’t snow. It froze last night but that’s not what this is from… I’m defrosting the mini fridge at work today and this is the ice from it so far… insta-snow, pretty cold huh??

My doctor’s appointment is tomorrow… guh… if it doesn’t get rescheduled AGAIN. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll post again before I hermit for the New Year!

Merry Christmas!!! Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 


LOL… I saw this and it made me laugh. It is one of those times where humor is ABSOLUTELY necessary! I went to see A Christmas Carol and it totally had me in the Christmas Spirit. Bah! LOL… and then Halo’s work became stressful and my work became stressful and my doctor called to reschedule my appointment AGAIN!!!!!! UGH UGH UGH UGH!!! And I wasn’t in the Christmas Spirit anymore. But then it was time to hang out with the Jelly Bear, she was only in town one day and I HAD to see her!!! So I went to Vini’s last night and laughed and had a good time and found the Christmas Spirit again.


Isn’t is like that??? A good friend and some good times… and what is really important comes to the surface and it makes you smile. The world can be a gloomy place but sharing love and friendship really makes the gloom not so bad.

I’m really excited about Christmas, I got Halo a stocking and the PERFECT present! And I’m spending time with my grandmother and there will be food with good friends that I haven’t hung out with in a while… all in all a fabulous time and I really can’t wait!

I hope and pray that you and your families and friends all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hope and Love will save us all.

dacount2So, my Da Count is YOU! You that comment you that read my blatherings you that have become near and dear friends to me! I Count you because you bless my life! Thank you!

Da Count and an Update… Friday, Dec 19 2008 

frazzledcatThis was me yesterday. My doctor’s office called and cancelled my appointment due to an emergency. My appointment is now going to be on the 24th, yeah, Christmas Eve…. JOY! So needless to say I was a little off kilter yesterday.

dacount1Now for Da Count. This week and last weekend were really hard for me. It is only by the grace and support of my friends and family that I’ve gotten through it mentally sound. To Mommy who is always wonderful and supportive, even when I’m ranting and raving about something she has NO idea about. To Halo for being super sweet to me and who is willing to do the hard work to make our relationship work. To Cadie who is awesome and willing to share a cup of tea, even if she’s not in the mood to drink anything; who is willing to sit with me at the doctor’s and help me after the appointment. Without these lovelies I wouldn’t know what to do! I love my mommy dearly! I love Halo with all my heart! I love my Cadie for who she is!

So my Da Count is to those that are able to be there for someone else, regardless of where they are at in their lives.

Thank you!

Wednesday: Hump Day Wednesday, Dec 17 2008 

and the day before an important doctors appointment. Ugh. Little C, the bartending goddess, has offered to be there for me and wait with me at the doctor’s office… a tedious task at best but I love her for it! And Halo is eagerly anticipating the news and to see how I’m doing afterwards. All will be well… it’s just getting through it that’s the bear.

APJ and I talked to the tattoo artist that will be submitting his artwork for the muse for the Rogue Festival 2009. I can’t say enough how excited I am to have this particular piece of work for the muse. It’s really beautiful and completely embodies the Rogue (well in my mind at least). We will be unveiling it as soon as possible. Mike Oz from the Fresno BeeHive will have the exclusive, so look here for the annoucement and link!

Time chose the Person of the Year… are you surprised?? I’m not.


Change is good.

I’m trying to get back to blogging once a day. It’s a good habit to get back into, gets the creative juices flowing and I think it’s going to serve as a good “how to” with my transition in the Rogue. You kinda get an insiders perspective to the Festival. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking about.

Happy Birfday to my Jelly Bear!!! I’ll see you on the 23rd! Yipee!!!

Thank you’s: to my friends on Facebook that provided some much needed light hearted, humorous jabbing yesterday afternoon… I really needed the laugh and the break from stress. To APJ for driving last night to Parlier to meet the Muse artist… you are a wonderful partner in crime! To Halo for being the wonderful man that I love! ❤


We cooked… Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 

…and then we ate and it was delicious! Halo and I have decided to start cooking dinner together. I know it’s kinda a silly thing but in the long run it’s really cool for multiple reasons. I’ve been all over a recipe website looking for meals to make. The site is cool because you can look at recipes and read reviews (usually the reviews are different variations others have made to the recipe that they liked… all very informative). You can create your own recipe box and save the ones you like and the site will even build your shopping list! How cool is that??

Last night Halo and I made this. It was really yummy! I’m already  planning on making it again and adding variations to it. It’s almost a ravioli lasagna. I want to play with the sauce and change up the ravioli… little twists that’ll make the dish something to Halo’s and my taste.

I am becoming Martha…. HA! Not really but it’s cool to be back in the kitchen. 🙂

It’s been really cold here… I mean COLD compared to California standards. We’re supposed to get SNOW! Here in the valley where we got up to 115 degrees last summer! Grrr…. cold is not comfortable and of course we don’t have the proper attire to combat the cold! BRRRBRRRRBRRRRBRRRR!!!

Tonight APJ and I are going to Parlier to take a picture of the MUSE for the Rogue Festival. I”m really excited about the MUSE this year and I can’t wait to unveil it. Look for the big unveiling to happen this week (hopefully) and I’ll be very interested in hearing your feedback! I’m really hoping it is received well… I love the piece and I can’t wait to show everyone!

Well, that’s all for me for now. I’ll try to post more recipes as Halo and I try them. Yum!


Peace takes a lot… Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 

…of Communication. I find that when people can effectively communicate their needs, feelings, wants, etc., then life goes a lot smoother. Even the little forms of communication, a note saying hi, a text message/phone message (people still use answering machines??) giving updates or a “I’m thinking about you” note… it goes a long way. When communication is bad assumptions get made, realities get blown out of porportion, feelings get hurt… take a deep breath and communicate effectively. 

…of self awareness. You have to understand yourself enough to know and understand where and why there’s turmoil. If you attempt a conversation when you’re angry and unable to keep an open mind and calm demeanor, maybe it isn’t the best time to have a conversation. Timing is key and knowing yourself and knowing you are ready for a conversation that might be upsetting will allow for more effective communication.

…of patience. Just because you want something done right now doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Sometimes the problem between two people is there is an unknown element in the equation in your mind. Sometimes you have something all planned out and the other will throw a wrench in those plans. It’s up to the individual to be flexible or explain the importance of the plans. Patience is also important because there is a right time for everything and when we force it, have our own time table, neglect and a lackluster job will be performed.

I think Peace is important because without it we’d all be crazy and/or dead. There’s so much that can be solved if people would only stop, take a deep breath and refocus on the big picture. What is important? What is at stake? what are you willing to sacrifice?

Just food for thought.

Tis the Season… Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 

…to stress about bills and presents and all those fun little quirky things. I love this time of year, but it’s also a time of stress and complete discipline of budgets. I openly admit I am horrible when it comes to budgeting and I’m not too sure how everything will work out financially… but I’ll make something happen. It’s the thought that counts, right?? Hahaha…

The office is even getting into the spirit as it became one of my job duties yesterday to set up and decorate the office Christmas Tree.



And yes, I say CHRISTMAS!

I am a little distracted right now due to an upcoming doctor’s appointment that hopefully will be filled with answers or at least the right step into getting answers. I’m tired of feeling the pain. I’m tired of being scared of that horrid little “C” word. I swear doctors just throw that word around to suck all the air out of the world. The 18th is the fateful day… wish me luck.

Last night I hung out with a good friend and went the the Fresno State Women’s basketball game… it wasn’t a game. We won 69-27 or something like that. The time spent with my friend was great though! I really enjoyed hanging out somewhere I haven’t in a long time and being around good people I haven’t been in a while.

Tonight it’s a date with Halo to watch Hellboy II and stay warm as California finally realized it’s winter. Yes, I know you in the east have been frigid for a while now… but come on! It’s Cali!  So there!  The Scream Team will be walking down Christmas Tree Lane along with Creative Fresno… have fun, stay warm, you’re a much more adventurous group than I.

The Rogue is in full swing. I am learning a new role. Yes, I did that last year, but that was in prep for this new role. Learning the Producer’s job is not an easy one, I will make mistakes but I’m excited to learn the ropes and play. When it stops being fun then I know it’s my exit cue… but that’s not now. So, I’m going to take on this new role head on. Dr. O will be a great teacher! APJ will be a great partner in crime. And life as I know it will be all Rogue all the time. Well, not all the time…but you know what I mean. Oh, my reason for talking about this is, this is the reason I am not acting. I love acting. I love being on stage. But I cannot burn the candle at both ends and expect to do a good job. It is more important to serve the Rogue to my best ability than to spread myself even thinner than I already have! So… there. There it is. That’s my reasoning. LOL… do I sound like a petulant child to you?

Ok… that’s the update. what’s on my mind. What’s in my heart. And stuff…

Happy Hump day!

I baked… Friday, Dec 5 2008 

and I have proof, HERE!

dacountToday will be the joining of forces to celebrate the Fresno BeeHive’s 4th Birthday!!! Awesome huh?? I’m a loyal reader and sometimes commenter on the site and I think it’s awesome that they are coming together to celebrate another year of celebrity trash talk, music, politics, local theater and the happenings in and around fresno. I’ll be representing the Rogue Festival at the party and also giving a shout out to any Fresnocentric ladies out there!  


Here’s the info, see you there!!!

Washington Trip and More… Thursday, Dec 4 2008 


I’m back from Washington and I’ve been playing catch up since! Work was a little crazy when I got back but it’s all good now. Halo is wonderful, I didn’t realize I could get so boyfriend-sick in all my life! I was SO ready to be back home 3 days before I was due to fly out! The trip was wonderful! Flying went well, Mom is great, Thanksgiving was delicious, too much shopping, eating and general merriment. All in all a damn fine vacation. I really couldn’t ask for more.

Now it’s Rogue Rogue Rogue all the time. Working on learning the ropes to the Festival and still doing the same job that I did last year. It’s a good thing. Thinking about summer plans… to act or not to act. To go to Montana or not to go to Montana. ::sigh:: It’s a quandry that I don’t have to figure out right now, but at least the thought process is still rolling.

I am fighting my mind right now. Trying to stay balanced when all I want to do is rant and rave. I don’t understand where the pent up anger is coming from but I see myself over-reacting and I don’t get it. Hmmm… maybe the intrapersonal unrest is the cause. I need to get out of my current situation and get back to school and move on to the next step… this is crap.

And yeah…. so I hope you all are well and I’ll see ya around!

Oh and I just discovered that this is Blog #100!!! Woot!