dacountGetting back into work mode after the shell shock of Fright Night wore off and engaging my brain after vacation time in Santa Cruz can be a bit of a challenge. Probably because I don’t feel well rested. I’ve been tense and stressed and trying to gear myself up for the upcoming projects I’ve signed on to, but I’m feeling unprepared and unfocused. Last night I had a quiet night of lying on the couch and watching a bad B girlie movie with the dogs. I was in bed before 11pm. I slept like a rock.

I woke up this morning feeling good. Refreshed. Ready to tackle the stress of the day and the tension I felt last night. Today I’ll actually get ahead of the schedule so I’m not slammed when it comes to my vacation to Washington to see the Mommy. It’s not a surprise this time, but I’m very much so looking forward to spending 9 days out of California. I think this trip will be good for the soul.

Tonight is a hockey game and there’s a group of us going to hang out and celebrate a friend’s birthday. It should be a great time! I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Friday!