The hate and discrimination that Proposition 8 brought down. I’m upset over the approval of this Proposition. Taking away the right to marriage because of sexual preference is wrong. This is my opinion. I understand there are people out there that have different opinions, that’s ok, there’s Free Will for that. But I cannot sit quietly and allow the hate and discrimination to wash over me and directly effect my friends.

I was talking with a friend, Jacob, about Proposition 8. He’s gay. I adore Jacob! He told me that he respected those who voted Yes on 8 because of their religious beliefs. Yes, period. Those that voted Yes because of trumped up excuses (children’s education, blah blah blah) aren’t as easily understood or even respected. And this made me think. At one point in time I would have stood behind the religion my parents taught me and made a decision based on that, but a religious belief versus a lifestyle are two different things. And, the issue of separation of Church and State is HUGE in this instance.

 So, I’m not going to rant and rave any more trying to convince everyone that my opinion is right. To each their own. But, if you think Proposition 8 encourages hate and allows for discrimination then please go to the petition and sign.

We should not discriminate based on race, gender or sexual orientation.