So, the conversation went a little like this…

Brandon: “Yeah, we’re going to open a Haunted House and will need a ton of actors for that.”

Solitaire: “Oh, I can help you get the word out with the Rogue peeps.”

Brandon: “Really? That would be great!”

And thus my connection to the Fright Night Scream Park began. Mind you this was back in June and we were talking about October, but the Rogue gets planned all hecka early so… sure, I’d help out however I can.

Phew, was I in for a ride! I had NO idea how much work actually goes into a Haunted House! The sheer amount of man power it takes to get even just one attraction up off the ground let alone 4 separate attractions all manned by numerous actors in costume and make up…. dang! 

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Actor training workshops were ran out at the Carpathian Ranch and we had a small but excited group come out once or twice a week. Make up training and prop making all happened  out at the Ranch for months before we even got over to the location! All of this was a bit daunting due to the fact that I had NEVER taught acting before, and even worse, I hated haunted Houses! Haha! I used a lot of the Theatre Ventoux method of training I had received. For me, that system works. I can tune into my body as the tool I am using to act with and really submerge myself in whatever situation presents itself. Improvisation was key! All the actors that came out, most of which had NO actor training at all, were a little skeptical about the games we were playing. “Why should we listen to a girl running around looking like she’s an ape?”  Well, if I’m willing to throw myself out there then maybe they would too. And boy did they!

Gary and his family came out and really helped progress the process a lot further than I could have ever imagined! Gary had Haunt experience and I had stage experience… it was a match made in heaven! We worked together with the actors, transferred over to the site and really got into some good work. Our numbers tripled once we were at the location. Young and old came out to play and participate and I’m thankful for every one of them! Without those actors there wouldn’t have been a Haunt! Well, Jeff and Gary and myself would be acting in all the rooms, but hey… the show always must go on!

Vampire crews and emergency training sessions happened all the way up through opening night and even after. The Haunt opened! The Haunt brought in an audience! Regardless of the final outcome, the Haunt was a success! It was truly amazing to watch! Of course there were bumps in the road… but show me an entertainment endeavor that’s not a little bumpy! Bottom line is Fright Night Scream Park made a splash into Fresno and Clovis and the company is here to stay!

The picture at the top of this post is a picture of those of us that worked on the Haunt in various forms. There’s Dave and Halo who worked on sound making over 350 individual sounds the even freaked out our actors, Brandon and Jeff who were some of the brains behind this whole endeavor, Scott who is the man when it comes to fixing the crazy props we had, Williz who did a bit of everything and Fox who came from Sacramento to help in whatever way possible. These are the heads, a core group of friends that has gone through a lot together, and I’m blessed to be in this group!

All in all this was a truly wonderful experience that taught me a lot. The lessons I learned here will help me with my future projects, including the one that’s closest, the Rogue!

So yeah, that’s all I have to say about that really. Happy Guy Fawkes Day!


Oh yeah… and a very Happy Birthday to my dear friend APJ!!!!