On Friday night, the Fright Night Scream Park opened to the public. We had 2 soft openings, one Wednesday for family and friends and Thursday for the media. Friday was the big night. I’ll have a lot more info and thoughts on it over at Fresnocentric.

I have been exhausted all week feeling like I’m being torn into different pieces to work on everything all at once. I expected this, and I really feel good about the work that is getting done. This week brings a return to having a night or two off (Yay!), and back to the mindset of Rogue. Barry Smith is coming to town Saturday and we’re going to have a GREAT show! Applications are still in and I’m beginning to get into the assistant producer mindset. Oh yeah, did I mention that?? APJ and I have been tagged to co-assistant produce the festival and (when ready) take over that duty. It’s an honor and privilege to be given this job and I’m truly blessed by those that have placed their confidence in me to be in this position.

I have to give props to Halo for hanging in there. This last Hell Week was particularly brutal and he stuck in there like a champ, and I think we actually came out stronger together and with a new fervor for working on making this relationship work. With our insanely busy schedules, hanging out and falling asleep on the couch is par, but it’s so nice to spend time together. I am so ridiculously happy!

::sigh:: L’amore, L’amore!