I haven’t been posting for a while and it’s because of the crazy schedule of life I’m living. All self inflicted, yes, but crazy nonetheless. (I really love that word because it’s three words combined and makes me feel verbose!) Fright Night Scream Park opens next week, Rogueapplications opened this week, I got a promotion (I’ll talk about it later maybe) so to speak, medical issues are still going on and bothersome, I am now the de facto secretary for the Falcons, my car broke and is getting fixed and I have needed a good long cry for a few months now.

Life is beautiful. LOL… yeah I know… I wouldn’t normally be saying that, but there are a few of my near and dears that have really made a difference in keeping me calm and out of that I’m-hysterical-and-cannot-stop-crying-because-I-feel-overwhelmed state of mind. Instead of feeling like I can’t get anything done correctly these people have helped me step back, breathe and be able to move forward and get the job done.

Without these little breathers, shining rays of light, smiles and comfort I would be insane more so than I already am and totally out of it. Instead I feel like I’m actually able to stand on my own two feet and be strong enough to move forward.

My Da Count is you, and you know who you are. 🙂

EDIT: The $700 Billion Bail Out Plan has passed and will now become a law. And I am thrown back to my AP US History class I was taking in 1998. My teacher, a wise Mr. Olsen, stood at the front of the class with his made-by-powder iced tea lecturing about the state of our government since the beginning of our nation. It was in 1998, the spring semester that we got to the 1930’s and the stock market crash. The questions was posed: Would America ever see another Depression to the magnitude of the Great Depression? And Mr. Olsen replied, No, we’d spend our way out of one.

Well said, Mr. O, well said… when are you running for office? You definitely have my vote!