It’s all a Farce Wednesday, Oct 15 2008 

I’m almost disgusted by the movie preview I saw last night which in an unusual night I watched tv. The movie “W” is, in my opinion, Hollywood’s attempt to sway the election. I mean, why else would the movie be released at this time? Regardless of your political stance, this is not a fight for politics, the mockery and farce politics has become in the last 4 years really is disturbing to me. Halo and I watched the movie preview and I was stunned and he responded “How embarrassing”… and it is! Hollywood has built up this image, this clout and are heavy weights in society on an international level. I’m not saying that they are wrong for making the movie or putting it out, but what really rubs me the wrong way is that they (Hollywood) are politicking. Sure it says in the news article I linked to that there’s an “evenhanded tone” to the movie… but still. Put the movie out in December. It’s like watching a football or baseball game and seeing the referee or umpire intentionally sway calls to decide the game (regardless of what is fair)… that completely pisses me off.

I don’t know, I think it’s the job of Art to imitate Life and evoke feelings, so in that sense this movie does a good job, but when Art directly sways the mindless viewers into their will, is that truly democracy? How is the aping of those actors’ voices really a good representation of what “the people” want? The idea brings me to the argument I got into with some friends a while back. Is it smart to vote blind or to abstain your voice and not vote because you’re unknowledgeable? My preference is that my vote, my voice goes to something I personally believe in. (Although it doesn’t matter in the least with the Presidential Election seeing as the popular vote does not always get someone into the Oval Office) Celebrities are out there pushing “Rock the Vote” and other campaigns and I never thought I would say this, but Paris Hilton was right… it is more important that a voter is knowledgeable about the issues at hand versus just voting for the sake of wearing a sticker on your shirt and saying “I voted.” Seriously, a monkey could vote if you put a machine in front of it. And that’s, I think, what it comes down to. I am not a monkey mindlessly casting my vote. I’ve researched the issues and I will know what each proposition is saying before I cast my vote. I vote because it’s my voice being represented and I know I am not spewing out someone else’s thoughts or opinions.

It is truly sad that there’s an international joke going around the world and the punchline is the United States. Maybe this movie is what some of us need to stand up and change the Nation. Maybe it’s just going to make us look even more unintelligent as a democratic nation. It’s sad nonetheless.

Tonight starts week 2 of Fright Night and I’m not sure if I’ll be acting or managing. I guess it just depends on the crew we have and the tone of the evening. There’s laundry to do and sleep to be made up. I’m planning a trip with Halo after this is all done and before I vacation in Washington for Thanksgiving. What a crazy ride this train turned out to be!


Hell Week was survived! Monday, Oct 13 2008 

On Friday night, the Fright Night Scream Park opened to the public. We had 2 soft openings, one Wednesday for family and friends and Thursday for the media. Friday was the big night. I’ll have a lot more info and thoughts on it over at Fresnocentric.

I have been exhausted all week feeling like I’m being torn into different pieces to work on everything all at once. I expected this, and I really feel good about the work that is getting done. This week brings a return to having a night or two off (Yay!), and back to the mindset of Rogue. Barry Smith is coming to town Saturday and we’re going to have a GREAT show! Applications are still in and I’m beginning to get into the assistant producer mindset. Oh yeah, did I mention that?? APJ and I have been tagged to co-assistant produce the festival and (when ready) take over that duty. It’s an honor and privilege to be given this job and I’m truly blessed by those that have placed their confidence in me to be in this position.

I have to give props to Halo for hanging in there. This last Hell Week was particularly brutal and he stuck in there like a champ, and I think we actually came out stronger together and with a new fervor for working on making this relationship work. With our insanely busy schedules, hanging out and falling asleep on the couch is par, but it’s so nice to spend time together. I am so ridiculously happy!

::sigh:: L’amore, L’amore!

Da Count – You know who you are Friday, Oct 3 2008 

I haven’t been posting for a while and it’s because of the crazy schedule of life I’m living. All self inflicted, yes, but crazy nonetheless. (I really love that word because it’s three words combined and makes me feel verbose!) Fright Night Scream Park opens next week, Rogueapplications opened this week, I got a promotion (I’ll talk about it later maybe) so to speak, medical issues are still going on and bothersome, I am now the de facto secretary for the Falcons, my car broke and is getting fixed and I have needed a good long cry for a few months now.

Life is beautiful. LOL… yeah I know… I wouldn’t normally be saying that, but there are a few of my near and dears that have really made a difference in keeping me calm and out of that I’m-hysterical-and-cannot-stop-crying-because-I-feel-overwhelmed state of mind. Instead of feeling like I can’t get anything done correctly these people have helped me step back, breathe and be able to move forward and get the job done.

Without these little breathers, shining rays of light, smiles and comfort I would be insane more so than I already am and totally out of it. Instead I feel like I’m actually able to stand on my own two feet and be strong enough to move forward.

My Da Count is you, and you know who you are. 🙂

EDIT: The $700 Billion Bail Out Plan has passed and will now become a law. And I am thrown back to my AP US History class I was taking in 1998. My teacher, a wise Mr. Olsen, stood at the front of the class with his made-by-powder iced tea lecturing about the state of our government since the beginning of our nation. It was in 1998, the spring semester that we got to the 1930’s and the stock market crash. The questions was posed: Would America ever see another Depression to the magnitude of the Great Depression? And Mr. Olsen replied, No, we’d spend our way out of one.

Well said, Mr. O, well said… when are you running for office? You definitely have my vote!