Friday was a horrible day. I left work Thursday night to my brake light staying on. I didn’t think of it too much as my car seems to like to mess with me. Friday morning it was still on. I drove it to my mechanic who then informed me that I was completely out of brake fluid and lucky to be alive! There’s a Da Count for ya… the grace and skill of my guardian angel that kept me safe! The parts my car needs won’t be available until Tuesday and will be ridiculously expensive… so I texted my roommate told them I’d be 3 days late on my rent, called my dad to see if I could borrow the car for the weekend so Halo wasn’t responsible for hauling my butt around town, and I sat down a cried a bit. Over-whelming but all is getting taken care of and we’ll work everything out in the end. My boss actually told me we’d work something out regarding the payment of anything I can’t up front cover. Thank goodness for small blessings!

The weekend was ok, although Halo was sick and not feeling well. It was a quiet weekend which was nice. 🙂

Sunday I met up with the cast of “The Women” a show I performed in 2 years ago. We got together and went to see The Women in the theaters. Look for my review here.

So hopefully I’ll get a good call tomorrow, my car will be fixed and all will be well. 🙂

Keep me in your prayers?? Thanks!