…but ya’ll have known that about me though, right?? LOL…

Sunday’s movie shoot was awesome! Work has been awesome! I’ve gone to the doctor and there’s a new diagnosis that could actually tell me why I’m experiencing what I am… but unfortunately they don’t have a fix for it yet… ARGH!

I’m bar tending at the Starline tonight. Fright Night Scream Park is coming along really well! I’m super stoked about all the actors we have out. It’s going to be one kick ass Haunt! I’m looking forward to Friday night, my only night off this week, and resting… hopefully with Halo. We’ve been so busy lately that our schedules haven’t meshed very well. But it’s all good. I mean if it weren’t for surviving the hiccups I’d be very worried about the future.

I have a big to do list. I’m doing Christmas cards this year and I’m starting early! 🙂 I’m traveling up to Mom’s for Thanksgiving (9 days WOOT!). Rogueis fast approaching and I got business cards for the occasion! 😀 Passing out Fright Night Scream Park coupons (you can get them on the web too!)  

So yeah…. busy stuff but good stuff too. 🙂 Now if you think about it… please pray for medical technology to advance rapidly and effectively so I can get better!