…the weekend was great! Working, getting some important details solidified for the Fresno/Clovis Haunted House, hanging out with Halo and really just getting back into the groove of always having something piling on my plate but not freaking out about it.

Lately I had been feeling unbalanced and really at a loss… I felt overwhelmed and really was not able to handle stress. But last weekend and some good down time really made a difference in mind set. Halo always says, “change your environment” and really it was all about that. No, I didn’t go anywhere but I looked at my environment with different eyes and it really made all the difference… i did change my environment.

I’m feeling really good about the prospects of school right now. Talking with a friend last night I realized that I truly want to be in PR. I want to be established in a career and I want to allow my education to benefit others. The hardest thing about all of this will be to allow myself, my image, the “I” and “me” to be unseen. It’s not about me… and that’s a hard lesson for me to learn. (Again, understanding this is my blog and I’m allowed to be self-centered on my own blog). I think I’m ready to put away the spotlight though. I remember as a Freshman in high school our drama department’s logo was “Live Life in the Spotlight.” I guess I never really stepped out of it since. With the break I’m taking from theater and my return to school, it’s time to take the next step into my adult life and really buckle down and focus on the future. The difference this time around? It’s actually bright. I actually am excited about finishing my degree. I’m tired of the unrest I feel for not having finished college. I’ve got my eye on an internship that would really be a great opportunity. I really want to grow and produce the best work possible and I’m just now starting on that path. it’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to be in the mix and get back there!

So here’s to the future and the peace that has allowed me to be ready to step forward.