…and as usual I’m busier than the littlest bee ever! (is that a book?? if it’s not a book it should be… a children’s book… the Littlest Busiest Bee Ever!…LOL…. it’s mine!)

Life is great! The Fresno/Clovis Haunted House  is coming along at a break neck speed. Actor training twice a week with the pending weekend run thru’s to come. I’m absolutely having a blast working with everyone involved… it’s a wonderful group!

The Rogue is gearing up with applications going live October 1… yeah…. I know what you’re thinking… “But Solitaire, didn’t the Rogue just get over… it’s time already??” Yes, yes it’s time already. I’m working on getting the information out about the Festival dates and times and such… it’s a lot of info and we’ve completely blasted out the information to all that we can… hopefully it’ll prove to be the biggest Festival yet! 🙂

Work Work Work all the time. I’m now bartending every other Sunday night at Circa! An 80’s House music night at Starline. It’s a great time with some really awesome music!! So now I’ll be at the Grill or the club 2-3 nights a week depending on the week. Come on out and hang if ya want.

It’s crazy but this is the life I know how to live. I’m still working on getting scholarships and grant for school… if it comes down to it I’ll go and get a student loan (which I don’t want to do) but I refuse to be stuck in this spot for the rest of my life. Halo gave me an interesting suggestion in my major emphasis… it’ll broaden my scope of knowledge and possibly make me a more viable candidate for a job… always looking for that leg up, right? 🙂

So how have you all been??