It’s joy’s fault! Monday, Sep 29 2008 

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Getting Caught up… Monday, Sep 29 2008 

Friday was a horrible day. I left work Thursday night to my brake light staying on. I didn’t think of it too much as my car seems to like to mess with me. Friday morning it was still on. I drove it to my mechanic who then informed me that I was completely out of brake fluid and lucky to be alive! There’s a Da Count for ya… the grace and skill of my guardian angel that kept me safe! The parts my car needs won’t be available until Tuesday and will be ridiculously expensive… so I texted my roommate told them I’d be 3 days late on my rent, called my dad to see if I could borrow the car for the weekend so Halo wasn’t responsible for hauling my butt around town, and I sat down a cried a bit. Over-whelming but all is getting taken care of and we’ll work everything out in the end. My boss actually told me we’d work something out regarding the payment of anything I can’t up front cover. Thank goodness for small blessings!

The weekend was ok, although Halo was sick and not feeling well. It was a quiet weekend which was nice. 🙂

Sunday I met up with the cast of “The Women” a show I performed in 2 years ago. We got together and went to see The Women in the theaters. Look for my review here.

So hopefully I’ll get a good call tomorrow, my car will be fixed and all will be well. 🙂

Keep me in your prayers?? Thanks!

Just when you thought you were set… Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 

…a wind blows through and changes the current. Change is a good thing, it helps us grow. But change is scary, at least to me. I’ve never handled change well, but I’m working on it and trying to be more go-with-the-flow and not let the little things get to me.

Change is coming, it’s inevitable. Growth is coming, and that’s a good thing. I’m not too sure if I’ve grown enough for this change, but I’ll continue to take a step forward hoping that it’s in the right direction. This change is bigger than me and is something I believe in. So it’s good.

I know I’m being cryptic, but until I get some particulars nailed down I’m not going to specify anything… and even them I might not divulge.

Happy Wednesday!

Busy Bee… Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 

…but ya’ll have known that about me though, right?? LOL…

Sunday’s movie shoot was awesome! Work has been awesome! I’ve gone to the doctor and there’s a new diagnosis that could actually tell me why I’m experiencing what I am… but unfortunately they don’t have a fix for it yet… ARGH!

I’m bar tending at the Starline tonight. Fright Night Scream Park is coming along really well! I’m super stoked about all the actors we have out. It’s going to be one kick ass Haunt! I’m looking forward to Friday night, my only night off this week, and resting… hopefully with Halo. We’ve been so busy lately that our schedules haven’t meshed very well. But it’s all good. I mean if it weren’t for surviving the hiccups I’d be very worried about the future.

I have a big to do list. I’m doing Christmas cards this year and I’m starting early! 🙂 I’m traveling up to Mom’s for Thanksgiving (9 days WOOT!). Rogueis fast approaching and I got business cards for the occasion! 😀 Passing out Fright Night Scream Park coupons (you can get them on the web too!)  

So yeah…. busy stuff but good stuff too. 🙂 Now if you think about it… please pray for medical technology to advance rapidly and effectively so I can get better!

It’s Lime’s Fault! Wednesday, Sep 17 2008 – For Sale

Damn…. so when will I get paid???

Thanks Lime!

I gots my hair did! Tuesday, Sep 16 2008 

And took some pics with my friend Tracy Olsen and I really had a good time too! We shot in the most hidden treasure-esque places… freeway overpass, old bridge and canal, a cemetery… it was great!

Hope ya’ll like the hair! Hahahaha!

Oh and I have to thank Cadie for use of the dress!

I’m super stoked how these pics came out and I can’t wait to see the rest… we were going for the un-glamorous shot… the “cracked out” look as Tracy calls it. It was fun to go to the different locations, all around sun set and play with the locations and light. Tracy is really good! Check out her website (I linked to her at the top of this post) to see more work she’s done of myself and some of the wedding shots.

So Tuesday is upon us, work week is started and I’m still in stride from the weekend. The Fresno/Clovis Haunted House is coming along. We have a lot of young people in our group now (which we didn’t before) and it’s created quite the dynamic. Ah yes, I remember what it was like to take on 45 14 year old boys and try to keep them orderly. Good stuff! Tonight it’s shopping for the Zombie Prom which will be on Saturday, tomorrow it’s actor training and casting, Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the Grill waitressing, Saturday is the prom and Sunday I’m bartending Circa. So busy busy busy… but I love it!

Monday and I’m at peace… Monday, Sep 15 2008 

…the weekend was great! Working, getting some important details solidified for the Fresno/Clovis Haunted House, hanging out with Halo and really just getting back into the groove of always having something piling on my plate but not freaking out about it.

Lately I had been feeling unbalanced and really at a loss… I felt overwhelmed and really was not able to handle stress. But last weekend and some good down time really made a difference in mind set. Halo always says, “change your environment” and really it was all about that. No, I didn’t go anywhere but I looked at my environment with different eyes and it really made all the difference… i did change my environment.

I’m feeling really good about the prospects of school right now. Talking with a friend last night I realized that I truly want to be in PR. I want to be established in a career and I want to allow my education to benefit others. The hardest thing about all of this will be to allow myself, my image, the “I” and “me” to be unseen. It’s not about me… and that’s a hard lesson for me to learn. (Again, understanding this is my blog and I’m allowed to be self-centered on my own blog). I think I’m ready to put away the spotlight though. I remember as a Freshman in high school our drama department’s logo was “Live Life in the Spotlight.” I guess I never really stepped out of it since. With the break I’m taking from theater and my return to school, it’s time to take the next step into my adult life and really buckle down and focus on the future. The difference this time around? It’s actually bright. I actually am excited about finishing my degree. I’m tired of the unrest I feel for not having finished college. I’ve got my eye on an internship that would really be a great opportunity. I really want to grow and produce the best work possible and I’m just now starting on that path. it’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to be in the mix and get back there!

So here’s to the future and the peace that has allowed me to be ready to step forward.

In Rememberance… Thursday, Sep 11 2008 

Seven years… it’s amazing that much time has passed. It’s really not that long, when you think about it. There’s a lot of controversy in how we, as a country, dealt with the aftermath of this horrific event. This was the first real incident in my lifetime that caused me to look at the freedoms I enjoy and really be thankful I am so blessed.

My parents and those of their generation all talk about how they remember exactly where they were when they found out Kennedy had been shot. This is my generations assassination. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the plane that flew into the World Trade Center. I remember running to the living room, turning on the tv and waking up the rest of my household. I went to school and work that day because I didn’t know what else to do. I refused to just stay at home and watch the devistation. There was perfect attendance in my Constitutional Law class… we all wanted to know what we could do in response according to the Constitution. In fact, I think I saw people in there that I had never seen before. It was the cry of my generation… we must retaliate.

In the last seven years there has been good and bad decisions made. But bottom line, the world is changing and we all have to deal with it.

This is in rememberance to those that dies that day, this is in rememberance of those that have died fighting since, and this is a thank you to those that are willing to put their life on the line for my freedoms.

He Blinded me with Science! Wednesday, Sep 10 2008 

ok… so I’m not really the scientific guru (that’s Halo) but when I saw this I really got stoked…

by far the biggest scientific event to occur in my lifetime thus far… and it’s only going to expand from here.

Even Google has gotten into it:

Pretty Neat-o isn’t it???

EDIT: and someone decided to break it down for us non-science speaking folk and made a rap video… I LOVE this!

So it’s been a while… Tuesday, Sep 9 2008 

…and as usual I’m busier than the littlest bee ever! (is that a book?? if it’s not a book it should be… a children’s book… the Littlest Busiest Bee Ever!…LOL…. it’s mine!)

Life is great! The Fresno/Clovis Haunted House  is coming along at a break neck speed. Actor training twice a week with the pending weekend run thru’s to come. I’m absolutely having a blast working with everyone involved… it’s a wonderful group!

The Rogue is gearing up with applications going live October 1… yeah…. I know what you’re thinking… “But Solitaire, didn’t the Rogue just get over… it’s time already??” Yes, yes it’s time already. I’m working on getting the information out about the Festival dates and times and such… it’s a lot of info and we’ve completely blasted out the information to all that we can… hopefully it’ll prove to be the biggest Festival yet! 🙂

Work Work Work all the time. I’m now bartending every other Sunday night at Circa! An 80’s House music night at Starline. It’s a great time with some really awesome music!! So now I’ll be at the Grill or the club 2-3 nights a week depending on the week. Come on out and hang if ya want.

It’s crazy but this is the life I know how to live. I’m still working on getting scholarships and grant for school… if it comes down to it I’ll go and get a student loan (which I don’t want to do) but I refuse to be stuck in this spot for the rest of my life. Halo gave me an interesting suggestion in my major emphasis… it’ll broaden my scope of knowledge and possibly make me a more viable candidate for a job… always looking for that leg up, right? 🙂

So how have you all been??

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