This weekend was busy busy busy! I worked my normal shift Friday night, covered the night shift Friday night, opened the bar Saturday and covered the closing shift last night… yeah I’ve racked up the hours and I’m definitely feeling it today! I’m tired!

This weekend was also a lot of fun. Rest and hanging out with Halo as much as possible. It’s hard because my schedule is SO busy during the week that he and I really don’t get to hang out much. But this too shall change. My schedule will lighten up and he and I will really be able to spend time together. As for right now though, it’s a good balance and I’ve never felt more secure and at peace in any situation.

The preview for Tale End is coming up this weekend and I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s going to be hard to see the show and hear the lines interpreted in a different way. Regardless I’ll be there to support (sorry Hamlet cast I won’t be there until the 3rd week!) and put up a unified front. It’s just going to be weird. Maybe I’ll expand on that later… maybe not.

Tomorrow night I’m covering a night shift and 100% of the tips will go to a very lovely friend that just needs a helping hand… so if you’re in the greater Fresno area, come out to Starline tomorrow night and hang out! 🙂

Um, yeah… that’s pretty much what’s on my mind… so I’ll go now. Have a fabulous day! 😉