I’ve been absent as of late and that’s partially because I’ve been busy at work and also partially because of my new obsession. I read over at the Beehive that they were making this book into a film…usually a risky move, but this series has caused a fervor in tween readers similar to the Harry Potter Series. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. This series (I’m only on Book 2) is about Edward, a perpetually 17 year old Vampire, and Bella, an outsider high school-er, all located in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. I dig this series!

So with the additional work (I’m now essentially working for two companies out of one office), which limits my computer fun time, and this fascinating book series… blogging and such have kinda suffered. But I’ll be back here and there for little bits and pieces… well at least until the books are done. Haha!

My Da Count also notes a change of pace. (1) being more work at the office so I’m rarely dull, (2) in finding a book series that I enjoy and (3) the unspoken change of pace… my relationship with Halo.

Camping was amazing and it was our first camping trip together and also one that could have made or broken our relationship. We talked a lot and really got back on the same page, a page I haven’t felt like we’ve been on for a while now. And the bliss and contentment is blatant. I am so at peace with where he and I are right now, and it’s really nice. 🙂

Happy Friday!

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