So we’re back from the mountain and life seems to be on the up and up. Really good time was spent with people during the hike and around the camp fire. Life is good. 🙂

I’m playing catch up at work so I’ll write more when I have time and the muse hits me. 🙂

Oh… I forgot…

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I’ve been having a problem and the pain was just getting to where I couldn’t handle it. I usually have a high threshold for pain but this past month I have really been doubled over a couple of times. I was origionally diagnosed with something that caused the ligaments and tendons in your body to relax and the organs being held droop. Not a big deal until you feel like your insides are going to burst out of you when you pee. Ugh! Well… the Dr. said that I was healing from that… it doesn’t look like surgery will be necessary… we discussed a changing of some prescriptions I am taking and hopefully all will right itself in the next 2 months and I’ll be back to feeling normal.

I’ll tell you, I miss the energy! Thank you to those that send your prayers and well wishings! It looks like things will be back to normal soon!