Da Count – Time Friday, Aug 29 2008 

Time wounds… all heals.

I’m counting time this week because I have it and in time all will right itself and the path I’m supposed to be on will be clear. Then, in time, I’ll look back to this moment in my life and laugh about the fretting I did. Perspective and balance are achieved through time and new experiences will change and affect… this is all good and a part of life.

I’m counting time because right now I don’t feel thankful for anything and I thought if I forced myself to count something then I’d change my head space and feel better. And ya know, I think it’s working. 🙂

Happy Friday!


HNT – Scream Team style Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

I was out at Carpathian Ranch last night talking over our ghouls and casting the rooms when I got pulled in to be a practice face for our make up artists… pretty cool huh??

If you’re wanting to help out hit up our Fresno Haunted House website and see what’s going on!

HNT is all about the Os… so go say hi to him too!  🙂


Ok Bloggers… I need your help! Tuesday, Aug 26 2008 

We are promoting our Haunted Scream Park and I’m asking you to link to the web page. Lick using the phrase “Fresno/Clovis Haunted House” and link to http://www.frightnightscreampark.com/

So it should look and act like this:

Fresno/Clovis Haunted House

I really appreciate the help you can give me and this little project! 😀

Happy Haunting!

Da Count – Da Mommy & Da Mr. Bob Friday, Aug 22 2008 

 Once upon a summer time Da Mommy and Da Mr. Bob celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary with a 2nd honeymoon in Italy!

I am thrilled they finally got to go to Italy! They’ve been talking a bout it for a long time! 🙂

Happy Friday!

See the other show… Thursday, Aug 21 2008 

…but it’s the same show…

It’s old pictures like this… Tuesday, Aug 19 2008 

That makes me smile…

This picture was from a production of “Barefoot in the Park” 2006…. in the beginning of my acting crazy. I did 4 shows that year for GCP alone. 


Tomorrow!!!! Thursday, Aug 14 2008 

go see it 🙂

Thank you!!! Wednesday, Aug 13 2008 

So I might be a grumpy pants this morning, but last night was great. Thank you to all who came out and helped our lovely friend out! it was a night of crazy ecclectic music and some crazy dancing… but when it was all said and done… I think we did alright. 🙂

Things are still busy at work and the increase in hours worked is catching up with me. I wanna go to bed before 2:30 am and not have to be up by 6:30 am! Please???

The Scream Team is going strong! More and more people are coming out… including the actor who played Beattlejuice at Universal Studios! COOL! Maybe a future HNT in the mix! 😉

I’ll be cruisin around reading the blogs… maybe I’ll have more to write… maybe not…

Monday, Monday… Monday, Aug 11 2008 

This weekend was busy busy busy! I worked my normal shift Friday night, covered the night shift Friday night, opened the bar Saturday and covered the closing shift last night… yeah I’ve racked up the hours and I’m definitely feeling it today! I’m tired!

This weekend was also a lot of fun. Rest and hanging out with Halo as much as possible. It’s hard because my schedule is SO busy during the week that he and I really don’t get to hang out much. But this too shall change. My schedule will lighten up and he and I will really be able to spend time together. As for right now though, it’s a good balance and I’ve never felt more secure and at peace in any situation.

The preview for Tale End is coming up this weekend and I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s going to be hard to see the show and hear the lines interpreted in a different way. Regardless I’ll be there to support (sorry Hamlet cast I won’t be there until the 3rd week!) and put up a unified front. It’s just going to be weird. Maybe I’ll expand on that later… maybe not.

Tomorrow night I’m covering a night shift and 100% of the tips will go to a very lovely friend that just needs a helping hand… so if you’re in the greater Fresno area, come out to Starline tomorrow night and hang out! 🙂

Um, yeah… that’s pretty much what’s on my mind… so I’ll go now. Have a fabulous day! 😉

Da Count – A Change of Pace Friday, Aug 8 2008 

I’ve been absent as of late and that’s partially because I’ve been busy at work and also partially because of my new obsession. I read over at the Beehive that they were making this book into a film…usually a risky move, but this series has caused a fervor in tween readers similar to the Harry Potter Series. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. This series (I’m only on Book 2) is about Edward, a perpetually 17 year old Vampire, and Bella, an outsider high school-er, all located in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. I dig this series!

So with the additional work (I’m now essentially working for two companies out of one office), which limits my computer fun time, and this fascinating book series… blogging and such have kinda suffered. But I’ll be back here and there for little bits and pieces… well at least until the books are done. Haha!

My Da Count also notes a change of pace. (1) being more work at the office so I’m rarely dull, (2) in finding a book series that I enjoy and (3) the unspoken change of pace… my relationship with Halo.

Camping was amazing and it was our first camping trip together and also one that could have made or broken our relationship. We talked a lot and really got back on the same page, a page I haven’t felt like we’ve been on for a while now. And the bliss and contentment is blatant. I am so at peace with where he and I are right now, and it’s really nice. 🙂

Happy Friday!

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