…I know, it’s not what Mondays are usually about… but this Monday, today, is actually kinda amazing. This weekend was jam packed with a ton of stuff for me to do! The show, the first read through of Tale End and a Scream Team meeting regarding auditions. It ws a weekend full of activites and good conversation. Halo’s friend was in town and we talked about politics, religion, airplanes… you name it, we probably talked about it. 🙂

I went in to the weekend with some trepidation. My mind gets the better of me and I get nervous about what the next step is and if I feel like I am not moving forward then something is wrong… but this weekend I realized that I’m ok standing still for a while. I can be calm about things that I was worried about. Not school… more of a day to day calm.

Tale End is going to kick some tail! Marcel finished the re-writes and we had the first read through. Now, I’ve played this role before, but I have a new actor to play off of, so it’s going to change the way I play this role. I was talking with Halo about the worries I had in getting to another place with the character and I think after the read through I’ve found a balance. Ms. White is very sexual… and this is something I’ve been wanting to tone down a bit… but how do you tone down a sex pot like her? Easy… you change her objective. She’s not out for sex any more. It’s different and it’s going to change my portrayal. Sure I’ll still be on stage in lingerie, but the reasons for that are different than before. It’ll change my stature and demeanor. I’m excited about getting this thing shaped so I can see what she looks like now. She’s older, more mature… in greater danger… It’s going to be awesome!

So I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope your case of the Mondays is as easy as mine! 🙂