Ok… it’s Friday and it’s time for  and I have to admit I had NO idea what I was going to count this week. I mean sure, there’s the play, the Scream Team going well…. yadda yadda yadda… but then I realized that lately I’ve been experiencing a status quo shift and I’m not on board.

Ok… it started like this. I’m on Facebook and I’ve been reuniting with old friends from high school and I’ve noticed a trend. Sure we’re all approaching 30 at the same fast pace… but most of them have a career and are married and have a family. Now I’m not jumping at the bit to have a family and get married… I am not ready for that. (yes, period.) But I am situationally uncomfortable with my career status. I feel as if I’ve done nothing note-worthy since I got out of high school. Sure, that’s almost 10 years… but what do I have to show for it?

It’s this unrest, this almost disappointment in myself that’s fast tracking my goals to go back to school and really find the funding for this venture on my own. I am finally uncomfortable enough with the situation that I am called into action. And I have to Count that this week. The things that need to be changed in our life and life’s funny way of making us uncomfortable to cause action.

Weird? Sure. But there you have it…

Happy Friday!