Was there any question in your mind what I’d Count this week?!? 😉

Last night was opening night and I was getting nervous around 3 in the afternoon. My father and his wife were in the audience, this is their first opening night they have come to. My mommy was in the audience along with my younger brother and my boyfriend. It was a heavy on the support side and I didn’t want to let them down. This play I have been working on has consumed me. I have worked really hard, sometimes chosing to the play and what I needed to do over spending time with them. And they really enjoyed the show last night.

Our audience had 200+ people, which I was more than happy about due to the Bulldogs’ parade for the NCAA Championship win being the SAME time as our show. Our mics weren’t up to par, mine had to be switched out 3 times during the show back stage, but the show must go on! The set was still being painted when i arrived, and there’s still things to get done, but it was pretty much show worthy. The lines were memorized, but in live theater and in the moment you never truly know what’s going to come out of your mouth… and I was an offender of missing a line and/or messing it up. With SO MUCH adversity we’ve come through, we actually got through opening night…

and it wasn’t half bad if I say so myself. 🙂

Now I have no idea what the reviewer will think, but you know… you believe your good press, you HAVE to believe the bad… and opinion is just that and I am appreciative of the reviewer coming out and watching the show.

Last night I had a blast. It was a fun performance and an overall great night! We close July 26th… so there are many more performances left… but nothing will be like opening night!

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