Ok… now Lecram took a pic of me before the Burlesque show that I was going to use… but with the last post I decided to show you my stage wounds. 🙂

 Now this one only looks tiny but it’s a painful sucker… and I think it’s yet to completely surface as I only got this one last night. This I call Left Butt Cheek versus the Mic Pack.

These actually took me a while to realize what they were from… but I finally figured it out and I call these I.v. and the Bench.

 Oh yeah, this beauty showed up on Saturday… I’m not too sure the origin but I entitled it, It Came From the Rotary.

And finally… one that I am most proud of…

Toe versus staircase = Pain. It happened last night in the second half of the show. I think I was more worried about tripping on a costume than I was about getting up the stairs. At least I didn’t fall! 🙂

Happy HNT!