… yes I’m taking a line from a Serg Tankian song… but it’s a fun song and I have that line stuck in my head.

So I’m distracted today. I’m not focused on anything. I’m worried about friends and what’s going on in their lives. I’m upset at a family member, but that’s nothing new. I’m trying to balance my schedule. I’m thinking about lines I need to memorize. Friending people to promote the show in September. Rogue Year Round needing to get promoted. I want to go back to school and not feel like I’m wasting my brain and a failure. I want to learn how to let go easier.


I’m not motivated and I am tired and I am feeling really drained.

But this too shall pass.

Here’s a bit of a smile for today though… another pic with the lovely Cosima


Edit: So I feel like I”‘ve done a lot of work today… I guess… Information is out on Rogue Year Round! Make sure you check the Rogue MySpace bulletins for that information, Friday May 30, 2008 starting at 7:30 pm at Ashtree Studios, a night of music and poerty from Abigail Nolte and Liesl Garner!

And… I blogged here

And all my work at the office is done….

And now it’s on with the memorizing!

Why do I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything today? :-/

Edit #2: I’ve signed up for information on financial aide for college and I’m looking at 2009… spring or fall semester… I want to go back and I want my degree and I want to move on with my life…

and…. nope… still don’t feel like I’ve don anything constructive today 😦