Life is a journey and it’s up to us to decide which path to take. Right now I an very definitely at a crossroad. There’s a big decision for me to make and I am the only one that can make it.

I’ve been here before. I know the risks and I know my decision involves more lives than just my own. But still the decision needs to be made.

There are a lot of questions I am wanting to ask but the one with the answers isn’t around right now. I act irrationally and follow my heart and usually that means I’ve picked a fight or taken my stresses out on someone else. It’s not the right thing to do, but I’m learning.

Apples and Oranges… what’s your flavor?

The apple is great has been there in the past and it all nice and shiny on the outside… but what does the core look like?

The orange has a tough outward peel… but is the inside sweet and tasty?

Setting a five year goal… is the apple or the orange better in the long run…

Craziness and my mind is swimming and my heart is arguing with my head… but not really…

no rash decisions…. just a lot of talking, communicating, asking questions and working on making the best choice for me.