I have a few friends I can count on to throw a velvet covered brick at me to wake me up and make me realize what a psychotic idiot I can be. Well, ok… maybe that’s extreme. But still, the little things that barb under my skin and irritate get blown out of proportion and sooner or later I am destructing relationships, friendships and/or myself. My MO, I am very good at sabotaging some of the best things in my life because I am afraid. What am I afraid of?? Who knows. Failure, being alone, not being self sufficient, dependency, loss of self…

I am a workaholic that thrives on the stressful and dramatique (I don’t know if this is a word but it sounds right in my head right now). I am self centered and when I don’t get what I want I’ll manipulate situations and bitch and moan to make my environment more conducive to what I am wanting.

It’s through friends that I’ve come to realize I have these major character flaws in my life. One in particular, Halo, has truly helped me open my eyes and make me realize how often the words “I” and “me” come out of my mouth. LOL… this blog is all about me… sure… but it’s my blog and this is an appropriate forum to be self centered. If you don’t like it, don’t read my blog because I’m not planning on changing it. But what I am working on changing is how I interact with people. I want to be less self centered and more friend centered. I want to relax and not feel like I’m always “on”. When I’m around Halo, I feel like I can relax and enjoy my friends and the atmosphere I am in.

Halo is my POW and my Da Count, sure there are other friends that are HUGE in this aspect of my life (APJ, M, Stockton, Katie…), but it was a conversation I had with Halo recently that got through my stubborn head and stuck.

So thank you to my friends that are brutally honest with me and who throw bricks. 🙂


Edit: check out this neat video about Charles Babbage’s early computing machine… Childe Byron would be proud! 😉


 Edit: My friend Joel is a GENIUS!!! McCain/Schrute ’08 seriously (even you Obama lovers will get a kick outta it…) brilliant!

Edit: wow… I’m bored today…. sometimes we just need some MAGIC