I have a group of girlfriends I met while performing in The Women and we’ve continued to hang out, planning dinner and drinks and the like. It has been WAY TOO LONG since we got together last, so I decided to plan a night out!

I’m not usually close with girls, I’ve always just been more comfortable around guys… but with these girls there’s a life-long bond that will just not go away. 🙂 My favorite Jelly Bear is one of them and her BF will most likely join us tonight, making it a Girl’s Night Out (plus one) and I can’t wait! It’s going to be nice to catch up and spill all the dirt that’s been the haps lately! 🙂

So where is the perfect GNO spot tonight?? The movies of course!

It’s a calorie fest with the new Patrick Dempsey!!! (Wow I sound like I’m in Clueless!!! ;D)

This is my Da Count because not only are these girlies the bestest EVER! They are true friends that I love dearly!

Happy Friday and may you have a safe weekend!