Here’s the long awaited proof that I am absolutely a mess and not so organized…


 Yes, there are clean clothes on my bed, dirty clothes on the floor, target bags with stuff I’m sure is vital to my existence, no sheets on the bed cause they needed to be washed…..


There another shoe rack, yes that makes 3 all together and there’s a floor full of shoes in the closet too! hahahaha! The last load of laundry needing to be done in the middle of the floor, the bed has clean sheets and is made according to the warm weather we’re coming into. Again that awesome rolly cart that seems to pop up everywhere got cleaned out which means all the stuff I took out of my car is now in its proper place in my room… Ah… but still not done…


The shirt hanging on the attic door is air drying… it is now after 8 pm and the 4th and last load of laundry is in the dryer. All the other 3 loads are put away. The tv and dvd player is set up and ready to go and I feel completely at ease in my room now. I love going up there and seeing the clean floor, I febreezed the entire room after sweeping it out, there was a scented candle burning the whole time I was cleaning (red roses, YUM!) and I was listening to the radio while finishing everything up. After a long hot shower, freshly shaved legs and clean sheets… there was never a better night of sleep!

Now it’s on to the 3 tubs of clothes I need to go through and my trunk in my car… then maybe I’ll truly be as organized as I sometimes appear to be! 🙂