Da Count- 2 Very Kick Ass people!!! Friday, May 30 2008 


Tomorrow these 2 are joining their lives together for the rest of their lives.

I absolutely love these two and I am truly blessed to count them as friends.

Love you K&J!!!


“Sleep To Dream” Wednesday, May 28 2008 

I tell you how I feel
But you don’t care
I say tell me the truth
But you don’t dare
You say love is a hell
You cannot bear
And I say gimme mine
Back and then go there
For all I care
I got my feet
On the ground
And I don’t go to
Sleep to dream
You got your head
In the clouds
And you’re not at
All what you seem
This mind, this body
And this voice cannot be
Stifled by your deviant ways
So don’t forget what I told you
Don’t come around
I got my own hell to raise

I have never been
So insulted in all my life
I could swallow the seas
To wash down all this pride
First you run like a fool
Just to be at my side
And now you run like a fool
But you just run to hide
And I can’t abide

I got my feet
On the ground
And I don’t go
To sleep to dream
You got your head
In the clouds and
You’re not at all
What you seem
This mind, this body
And this voice cannot be
Stifled by your deviant ways
So don’t forget what I told you
Don’t come around
I got my own hell to raise

Don’t make it a big deal
Don’t be so sensitive
We’re not playing
A game anymore
You don’t have
To be so defensive
Don’t you plead me your case
Don’t bother to explain
Don’t even show me your face
‘Cause it’s a crying shame
Just go back to the rock
From under which you came
Take the sorrow you gave
And all the stakes you claim
And don’t forget the blame

I got my feet
On the ground
And I don’t go
To sleep to dream
You got your head
In the clouds and
You’re not at all
What you seem
This mind, this body
And this voice cannot be
Stifled by your deviant ways
So don’t forget
What I told you
Don’t come around
I got my own hell to raise

~ Fiona Apple, Tidal

I don’t know why but this song is stuck in my head. I’ve been re-listening to this album recently and damn, Fiona is one badass chick!! So yeah, this song is stuck in my head right now and I’m going to go rant on Fresnocentric

fitting. 😉

Rest In Peace, Tuesday, May 27 2008 

you will be truly missed!

Sydney Pollack, 1935 – 2008

Da Count – Taking a step back Friday, May 23 2008 

Sometimes in life it’s important to take a step back and survey your life in front of you. It’s important to see what you like about your current status, what you don’t like, projects you’re working on and how you can better anything that needs betterment.

Right now, whether I like it or not, I’m taking a step back and seeing what nuiances are in my life that has made it so nice lately… I know what needs to be changed (a friend pointed it out to me)… there are projects in progress that need to be pushed to the next level… I need to remember there is always room for change.

It’s not a reflection of me…. well ok… this might come out wrong but this is what I am beginning to understand. Just because there’s something to work on, something to change, that doesn’t mean I’m not good. That doesn’t mean I am not good enough. There are plenty of aspects in my life where I am good at what I can bring to the table. I am an asset. But there are places in my life that need to be tweaked and rearranged a bit… then I can truly find balance and be a better person for it. This isn’t work that I need to do because of someone else, but it’s truly work I am doing for me. Self motivated struggle.

My da Count is being able to take a step back and having friends that care about me enough to allow me to change.

Check out the flashy sign for the 411.  

HNT Tiki Style Thursday, May 22 2008 

So still in the mind set of having 3 be the magic number…. yea it is…. the magic number….

Oh, sorry I was distracted! 😉 Here’s my HNT offering…

Pretty tiki-tastic, don’t you think??? M & J are the inspirations behind this one… last night was a lot of fun, thank you for the BBQ! 🙂

Go say hi to Os and see what this HNT thang is all about!

You Don’t Know What This Love is All About…. Tuesday, May 20 2008 

… yes I’m taking a line from a Serg Tankian song… but it’s a fun song and I have that line stuck in my head.

So I’m distracted today. I’m not focused on anything. I’m worried about friends and what’s going on in their lives. I’m upset at a family member, but that’s nothing new. I’m trying to balance my schedule. I’m thinking about lines I need to memorize. Friending people to promote the show in September. Rogue Year Round needing to get promoted. I want to go back to school and not feel like I’m wasting my brain and a failure. I want to learn how to let go easier.


I’m not motivated and I am tired and I am feeling really drained.

But this too shall pass.

Here’s a bit of a smile for today though… another pic with the lovely Cosima


Edit: So I feel like I”‘ve done a lot of work today… I guess… Information is out on Rogue Year Round! Make sure you check the Rogue MySpace bulletins for that information, Friday May 30, 2008 starting at 7:30 pm at Ashtree Studios, a night of music and poerty from Abigail Nolte and Liesl Garner!

And… I blogged here

And all my work at the office is done….

And now it’s on with the memorizing!

Why do I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything today? :-/

Edit #2: I’ve signed up for information on financial aide for college and I’m looking at 2009… spring or fall semester… I want to go back and I want my degree and I want to move on with my life…

and…. nope… still don’t feel like I’ve don anything constructive today 😦

How Cool is this???? Monday, May 19 2008 

Halo’s friend is putting together a Haunted House and I’m helping him find actors and workers! I’m really super excited about the project and I cannot wait to walk through the Haunt and see all of this team’s hard work come to fruition! I didn’t want to talk about it earlier but now you can check out their MySpace page and see what they are all about! They will be adding a lot to the page over the next few weeks, so come back often and friend then and get involved!!! 🙂

This weekend was a BLAST! Halo’s commencement was a little boring but the food and friendship afterwards was wonderful! The Bachlorette Party WAS A BLAST!!! I’ll be posting pics soon! Hahahaha! Spending time with new people, making new friendships, having awesome serious conversations with people I love and adore… my life is becoming more balanced and I am truly blessed! 🙂


Da Count – Wonderful Happenings! Friday, May 16 2008 

Wow, what a week! There is SO much to count this week I hardly know where to begin!

Halo finished classes at the end of Fall Semester but is walking tomorrow morning. He had a presentation at Fresno State to propose a thesis and everything went really well! I am so proud of him and all the hard work he’s been doing and I’m proud that he’s ready to face the future head on. Promotions at work and hanging out with friends from back in the day… it’s been an amazing week and I am blessed to have been a part of it.

Katie-Didis getting MARRIED!!! Woot! This weekend is her bachlorette party and I CAN’T wait!!!!!! it’s going to be So much fun to hang out with the girlies and hop Tower and drink and goof off! She is a blessing in my life because she’s a kick ass female I adore! I’m SUPER proud of her in growing the ways I’ve seen over the past year. Kick Ass!!!

There’s a new business venture I’m kinda getting more and more involved with, this weekend I’m meeting with the big dogs and hopefully next week there will be a website I can show you all… it’s going to be cool and I’m super excited about it!

I am blessed to have such supportive and loving friends in my life. There’s been a few changes around here lately and I really think I am on the right path and ready to move forward. I’ve realized what I deserve and what I want. It’s a lot scary, butdamn if it doesn’t feel good. 🙂 Thank you APJ for being wonderful and a voice of reason! You know I lovers you!

PETEY!!!! My boy Petey is coming to town to run a dance show and I can’t wait to take him to the Public House for some tasty beverages! Petey is kick ass because he’s down to earth and just fun to hang out with. We talk hella smack on the other’s favorite teams, never before have I seen a pint of Guinness disappear so fast, I understand basketball and I’ll never forget “AUSSI AUSSI AUSSI” “OY! OY! OY!”

Hang out time with friends, working up a storm, making the tough decisions in life and brushing off the minor things that are completely fixable… 🙂 Today marks the beginning of the next chapter and I really can’t wait to see what happens next!

Yeah, I have a lot to count this week! 

HNT – Anniversary #3!!! Thursday, May 15 2008 

Yipee!!! Happy Anniversary Os!

So for the theme of three I enlisted the help of 2 other bloggers and we decided to goof off!!!

Thank you APJ & Cosima!!! It was a blast hanging out last night listening to the Lounge!!!

Happy HNT everyone!!!

Which path to take… Wednesday, May 14 2008 

Life is a journey and it’s up to us to decide which path to take. Right now I an very definitely at a crossroad. There’s a big decision for me to make and I am the only one that can make it.

I’ve been here before. I know the risks and I know my decision involves more lives than just my own. But still the decision needs to be made.

There are a lot of questions I am wanting to ask but the one with the answers isn’t around right now. I act irrationally and follow my heart and usually that means I’ve picked a fight or taken my stresses out on someone else. It’s not the right thing to do, but I’m learning.

Apples and Oranges… what’s your flavor?

The apple is great has been there in the past and it all nice and shiny on the outside… but what does the core look like?

The orange has a tough outward peel… but is the inside sweet and tasty?

Setting a five year goal… is the apple or the orange better in the long run…

Craziness and my mind is swimming and my heart is arguing with my head… but not really…

no rash decisions…. just a lot of talking, communicating, asking questions and working on making the best choice for me.


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