I learned on Sex in the City! Hahahahahaha!

Yes, I am one of thosegirls that absolutely LOVES this show! I say LOVES in the present tense because I own all 6 seasons and I watch them as much as possible… I never get tired oh Carrie’s questions, Samantha’s ridiculous sexual escapades, Miranda’s cynicism and Charlotte’s optimism. This show is amazing because (1) it’s still relevant and will continue to be so because it deals with love and relationships, and those my friends are Universal! (2) each character is unique in their own way and covers the vast personality types us women are known to have thus guaranteeing that there will be a character we relate to, and (3) even men can learn a thing or two about us women by watching, just don’t tell your guy friends! 😉

Last night brought a few finished projects for me… I finished my 4th load of laundry from the massive room cleaning I did Monday night, I finished my stress over technology and figured out how to work my tv and dvd player with one easy trip to RadioShack (M are you proud?? I didn’t call you!) and I finished the 4th Season of Sex in the City! ::sigh:: Mr. Big moved! OMG! Miranda had a baby! OMG! Charlotte got divorced and Samantha caught her bf with another woman… ok so maybe not an OMG but still OMG!!!!


The Moviewill be out May 30th… a convient date for us girlies to help make time go faster for a certain wife-to-be! 🙂  (who happens to be blogging along the lines of my friend Mr. Snackmissioner… check them both out!)

I’ll be up later tonight with more HNT stuff… it’s the Spring Cleaning #2 – The Room

::da da daaaaaaa::

Um… yeah… that’s all for me now… I’m working on SF Fringe stuff (today is the deadline…eeep!)… building a MySpace for “Tale End”…. Mr. NZ got his plane ticket! YAY!… the boy is in town and I’ll see him soon! YAY!!!… and yeah rehearsals are starting up, work is going great, and all that jazz! Hahahaha!!



Cause I’m a nerd! I have completed my pre-rehearsal ritual… not that I’m superstitious, it’s just that I feel better prepared and more open minded when I do these little things… and as a reward for my getting cast I indulge my love/obsession with office supplies:

 Isn’t it pretty?!?!?! All recycled materials with a new pencil pouch with new pencils and post-it tabby thingy’s and other little do-dads that help me throughout the rehearsal process…

AND at Target I also got this:

I went to see this in the theater, all by myself, and I was all alone… it was like my own private screeneing! 🙂 And now I have it on DVD!!! Yay!