Yes, I love my Blackberry SO much that when my first one took an unauthorized swim in the toilet… I did everything and anything to replace the growth on my hip as soon as feasibly possible. I will be suffering from Blackberry Thumb before the age of 30. I pay WAY TOO MUCH for my phone bill every month. But damnit… it’s handy! I love that I have my entire office at my hip and I can do work needed to get done where ever I am. I couldn’t have survived the Rogue Festival this year without my beloved Blackberry.

I’ve even thwarted attempts from others to try and separate me from my beloved.

So… that being explained… I actually wore out the plastic case I bought thus forcing me to use a leather slip case. This was highly inefficient. I couldn’t wear my Blackberry on my hip, it only went in a pocket and I am religiously against sitting on my Blackberry! Something had to be done, I had to go buy another case!

I went to The Postal Station & Mobile Page… they have EVERYTHING and they sell it at wholesale prices which means AWESOME deals! And Shant, the owner, is entirely helpful and will know exactly what you need. Not only did I walk through the door with my phone in hand but as soon as he saw me he said, “I know exactly what you need!” and he did!  

::sounds of heavenly music::

I’ve gone METAL! Yes! I now have a metal case for my Beloved Blackberry and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Ok, I’m a nerd. I know. But this is totally cool and I paid about $20 less than what I would have if I had gone to the AT&T store! 😀 It’s freakin awesome!

If you’re in the Fresno Area and you need something for your phone… check them out… I highly recommend!!!