In anticipation of the onset of rehearsals and a hectic busy schedule, I decided it was finally time to clean out Scarlett. I offer 3 examples:

Example #1

She’s pretty dirty on the outside too, but I’ll have to wait until a non-threat-of-rain day to complete the process… baby steps…

Example #2

The soda in the center console has been there for weeks… and you can’t tell but in the leg space for the front passenger there is NO room! All trash from eating on the go and empty water bottles and old receipts… yeah it was a mess…

Example #3

This is the backseat. Yeah, you can guess how many people I do NOT drive around! 😛 APJ gave me a wonderful handy dandy rolly cart for my Rogue Bibles, I just never took them out of my car. Sweatshirts, parts of costumes, Christmas presents, scripts, etc….

Yeah, I’m organized and totally together a bit OCD and a slob too… enough people kindly suggested it was time for me to clean out my car… so I did. 30 – 45 minutes later…

 The Interior still needs to be vacuumed and spiffied and the outside needs a good scrubbing… but this is a good beginning. Just don’t ask to look in the trunk


Happy HNT!!!