If you know me at all you know that I have 2 speeds, (1) 1,000 mph at all times giving 110% and (2) 0 mph and sick as a dog! I have Rogue Year Round I am helping to plan/coordinate, a performance in San Francisco at the SF Fringe Festival in September and this new role as Feste in Twelfth Night for the Woodward Shakespeare Festival. Well, yes this is a full plate and there is little time to waste. I have memorizing to do, meetings to go to, a set to help build and coordinating to do. I promise I will do my best to stay with it and not over do it!

Ha… yeah I know this sounds impossible for even me to do… but I offer this example. I am on HEAVY antibiotics right now and I am not going out for my usual weekend of partying. I don’t go out Friday and Saturday nights and get pissed out of my head or anything like that, but I’m known to sit and talk over drinks for hours on end with friends. 🙂 This is not a bad thing as long as there is moderation. With the meds I am on I have been abstaining from my usual behavior and to be completely honest I’ve really enjoyed waking up without the haze. Not only am I feeling better, but Saturday I woke up early and got a lot of work done. So, yeah, maybe I’ll be changing my habits and behaviors around a bit to accomodate my busy schedule.   

Sunday I went to the Bard’s Birthday Bash, but you’ll have to go to fresnocentric to read up on my fun happenings there!

Happy Monday, if that’s possible, and have a wonderful week!!!

Oh and also: for those of you that know me, maybe you’ll remember it’s a very special day for me.

You’re 7 years old today. I can’t believe the day is already here, have that many years truly gone past? I remember today and what happened. I remember how it was to see you for the first time. You are my savior, my hero and the greatest teacher I’ll ever know. I love you Chooch! Happy Birthday!