I was hurredly getting ready for auditions for Twelfth Night for the Woodward Shakespeare Festival. I got called back! 😀 Despite completely botching my monologue in the middle I was asked to come back and show off my talents in a ‘cold read’ of certain scenes. Well it wasn’t really a cold read, I was given the scenes and monologue to look over before Thursday night. And come on! I mean it’s Shakespeare… I’ve read EVERYTHING he’s ever written and a whole bunch of crap written about the man since… this wasn’t a hard thing for me to brush up on!

Wednesday morning I woke up with my throat on fire and feeling like I was gagging. Well I was gagging… on that little hangy thing in the back of my throat… yeah, it was that swollen! I went to work, showed my boss, she send me home and to my doctor…

 ok, ok so this isn’t my doctor… but I kinda wish he was….

I went to my doctor and basically when asked what was wrong with me I told the nurse, my uvula and palate has swollen so badly it’s touching the back of my tongue. And the nurse said, so you’ve got a sore throat. I said yes, that’s the understatement of the year! Ugh… I mean I can use the medical terms they understand and they DOUBT me! WTF??? My doctor comes in and says, well Solitaire you’ve got a sore throat huh?? yeah you eff-ing think so!?!?!?! Any congestion? NO! My Uvula is TOUCHING my tongue… that’s not normal! Any ear aches? Again, it’s just my throat, I would have explained any other symptoms if there were any!!!! Ugh!  Ok, let’s take a look shall we?? It’s about eff-ing time!!!

*Note: if you know me, you know I HATE DOCTORS!!!!! I’m not one of those people that think I need stiches because of a 2 inch gash on my leg. I have to be NEAR DEATH to go to the doctor! :-/

I open wide and the doctor gasps. She’s shocked that I still have an airway with my throat as swollen as it is. She goes out of the exam room and calls her nurse in. They both proceed to fuss over me as I’m trying to calm them down. I get a few shots of cortizone (sp??) for the swelling, they draw some blood, I’ve got some kick ass nasal spray for the inflammation and they put me on 1500 mgs of Ammoxicillian (sp?) a day…. FUN! Ugh! I tell the doctor she cannot hospitalize me because 1) I’m not dying, 2) I’m not dehydrated and most importantly 3) I have call backs and I need to be there!!! So the cortizone was supposed to help with the imflammation and I was also told I was not allowed to talk for 24 hours!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! Can you believe it??? I mean, this is ME! Not talk for 24 hours… Ha! You might as well tell water not to be wet. But the call backs were so important to me I tried to be good. And I was for the most part…

 I has it!

I went to call backs last night and was only given one scene to read. Yeah, that sucked big time. But I was looking at the schedule for the night and realized there was a typo. I was hoping that my name was supposed to be where the typo was and hey! I was right! 🙂 I read for Viola, Olivia, Maria and Feste… and I think I did pretty good too. So we’ll see what happen and comes out of it… if anything!

Sorry I missed HNT and I guess if I’m going to add Da Count, it would have to be the wonders of modern medicine that allows people to go from almost eff-ed out of life to healthy as a horse with energy to boot. 😉 so yeah… Happy Friday!!!


EDIT: Well I got the phone call and I accepted the role of Feste, The Fool in Twelfth Night I’m really excited about this particular role in that it forces me to be funny (which I think is my weakest area of acting) and it’ll be a really physical role. I’m stoked about it and I think it’s going to be awesome! 🙂 Yay!