I was going to post something funny about how I’m all stressed out about auditions and try to lighten my mood but wordpress is deciding to be an assclown and not let me do anything! I’ll be surprised if I’ll even be able to post this.

Ugh… I’m not tech savvy and when people mess with the system making things ‘better’ I get all mixed up and I have to talk to Lecram or somebody that’s in the know.


My throat still hurts, I’m memorized but I got NO sleep last night and I’m SO ready to crash. Tonight after auditions it’s drinks with fellow auditioners and theatre folk and maybe a smile because I got called back… we’ll see… I’ll let ya know… 


edit: 12:34 pm so yeah I went to TB for lunch and their cheesy beefy melty thing is actually pretty freakin good… maybe my day is getting better??? 🙂